How many floors are in the tallest building in the world


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How many floors are in the tallest building in the world

Among all the items can be found the largest of its kind. Once upon a time in the childhood of fourteen-storey building seemed large. Later I started to travel and had seen the skyscrapers of new York, Petronas towers and more. But there is one building which is currently the largest in the world. Its height is almost a kilometer, and the design is unique in its complexity. During the construction of the ”house,” as in the creation of a sports car, you have to wonder about the aerodynamics. Let's talk about this building, his successor and some others close to him in height at least approximately.

the tallest building on Earth

Currently, the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa. At the same time, the Burj Khalifa residential/office building and broadcasting radio or TV signals is not its main task. In Arabic the name Burj Khalifa means ”Khalifa Tower”. Until 2010, this huge building was called Burj Dubai (Dubai tower). But opening up the tower ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, renamed it, dedicating the building of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan.

It's not just a skyscraper and super skyscraper with a height of 828 meters, is a whopping 163 floors. It is shaped like a stalagmite, on which the . This shape gives it more stability.

Solemn opening took place on 4 January 2010, although originally it was planned three months ahead. Earlier the launch date was planned to coincide with the launch of the Dubai metro. Surprisingly, this delay was caused by problems with financing. Somehow does not fit with how Dubai wasting money.

So the tower looked like when it was just starting to build.

Two and a half years before the completion of the tower was the highest of what man has done. She was ahead of the Warsaw radio tower, which fell in 1991.

Warsaw radiotochka had a height of 646,38 meters. The tower collapsed on 8 August 1991 during the replacement of one of the braces.

The Burj Khalifa is not only the tower. It is almost a city within a city. Inside are living quarters, offices, shops, sports centers, entertainment complexes and much more. Outside is a Park with lawns and fountains. All together looks very futuristic.

History of construction of Burj Khalifa

The construction of the Burj Khalifa cost about half a billion dollars, and the author of the project was the architect Adrian Smith. The architect designed the skyscraper, the Jin Mao tower in China with a height of 420 meters. Interestingly, the contractor for the construction of the Burj Khalifa made a division of the company Samsung. The same unit was involved in the construction of the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

the Beautiful Petronas twin towers in Malaysia. This is one of the most elegant construction. Largely due to the connecting bridge.

Interestingly, during the construction of the Burj Khalifa final height of the tower was kept secret. In General, but in this case it was done milking that if someone decides to build a building above, a project can be changed and still be higher.

The building's Foundation was laid in 2004, and the construction proceeded with a speed of 1-2 floors per week. Daily construction involved 12 000 workers from different countries. All the construction took more than 300 000 cubic meters of concrete and 60 000 tons of steel reinforcement.

Since 2007, the tower began to outpace the previous record height until it became the highest. Finally its height at 818 meters, it reached in early 2009, a little less than a year before the official opening.

Features Burj Khalifa

When implementing this non-standard project requires innovative solutions. In the end, for the building was even developed a special grade of concrete. It can withstand temperatures up to +50 degrees Celsius. That the design was stronger, the concrete mix was laid only at night, and to the solution was added ice. Of course, before these technologies spider far .

The Complexity of the Foundation lies in the fact that the tower is in fact in loose soil. Unlike many skyscrapers, which are built on a rocky base, the Burj Khalifa is built on soft ground. In order for the structure not falling apart and not roll Foundation set on piles with a length of 45 meters and 1.5 meters thick. Such piles in the construction of about 200 units.

Burj Khalifa now looks very nice. Especially when around the Park and not a construction site.

To the building was not exposed to a strong wind in the desert, it has an aerodynamic cross-sectional shape. So the wind wraps around better design. While sway is still inevitable, but that they were not so large, the shape of the tower is made asymmetrical.

Glazing Burj Khalifa consists of special tinted thermal panels. Given that in Dubai the day temperature reaches +50 degreesCelsius, this solution is a must. So it takes much less load on the air conditioning system. The glass area approximately 17 times the area of a football field. To wash this area takes about 3 months. From-for sandy storms the building gets dirty faster. So it washed most of the time.

the Cost of apartments in Burj Khalifa varies widely, but starts from half a million euros.

The building is the Armani hotel, located in the range from the 1st to the 39th floor. Designed personally by Giorgio Armani. From 44 to 108-first floor (but not on all floors) is located 900 apartments, and the 100th floor is completely purchased by Indian billionaire B. R. Shetty. On this floor are three apartments. Offices from 111 th to 154 th floor and the highest observation deck in the world (555 metres) on the 148th floor.

it looks like the Armani hotel in the tallest building in the world.

This is the price of a room for two for two days at hotel Armani in Dubai. Thus in the next few months there is no space.

At the entrance to the building is an artificial lake with an area of 12 hectares with a musical fountain. To light it is almost 7 000 light sources. It only remains to add that the height of the jets of the fountain reaches 150 meters. It's a hell of a lot!

An Interesting feature of the building is a system of collecting water. It is a kind of gold standard sustainability of modern buildings when rainwater is collected and consumed for technical needs. In Dubai during the year falls critically low precipitation, and talk about such a system is not necessary, but it is. However, it collects the condensate. It is formed by the contact of the building that is cooled from the inside, hot air outside.

For the year, so going more than 40 million liters of water. Given the water scarcity in the region, it is very, very much. Water is collected from reservoirs in the basement and used for irrigation of lawns and plants in the Park around the tower.

tallest buildings in the world

Among the tallest buildings in the world until there is no one who would have reached at least close to Burj Khalifa height. In second place is the height of the Shanghai tower with a score of ”only” 632 meters, which is nearly 200 feet below the Dubai tower.

This is the Shanghai tower. The second tallest skyscraper in the world.

When calculating the height of the buildings decided to take a zero the height of the ground at the main entrance to the building, and over the top — the real highest point of the structure. The difference between these two points is the height of the building. Antenna, removable finials, flagpoles and other non-permanent structures are not taken into account.

The First dozen skyscrapers in the world are as follows:

  1. the Burj Khalifa, UAE (Dubai), 828 meters
  2. the
  3. Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo (Japan), 634 meters
  4. the
  5. the Shanghai tower, Shanghai (China), 632 meters
  6. the
  7. the teleradiology KVLY-TV, the district Traill (USA), 630 meters
  8. the
  9. the Colonies KRDK-TV, the district Traill (USA), 628 meters
  10. the
  11. the Colonies KXTV/KOVR, walnut grove (United States), 625 meters
  12. the
  13. the Canton Tower, Guangzhou (China), 604 meters
  14. the
  15. the Royal clock tower, Mecca (Saudi Arabia), 601 meter
  16. the
  17. the international financial center Ping'an, Shenzhen, 599 meters.
  18. the
  19. the Goldin Finance 117, Tianjin, 597 meters

As you can see, the difference between second and tenth place does not reach up to 50 meters, and the Burj Khalifa separated from them by as much as 200 meters. That's impressive. For comparison, 200 metres from second place behind the Borj Milad Tehran with a height of 435 metres. This 41st place in the rating…

tallest buildings in Russia

In Russia, too, has several buildings that ranked the highest in the world. The highest building in our country is the Ostankino TV tower height of 540 meters. The tower was built in 1967 and is still the tallest building in Russia and Europe. Ostankino tower is 16th in the ranking of the tallest structures in the world.

The tallest building in Russia, which has nothing to do with broadcast radio or TV signal is the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg with a height of 462 meters. This is the 26th place in the world ranking of the tallest structures in the world.

Also among the tallest structures in the world, there are still a few towers and office buildings including building complex of Moscow city. Here is a list with the position in the world ranking:

  1. Ostankino tower, Moscow, 540 meters, 16th in the world
  2. the
  3. Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg, 462 meters, 26 place in the world
  4. the
  5. Boganida radio tower, Boganida, 461,5 meter 27 in the world
  6. the
  7. Intsika radio tower, Verkhnyaya INTA, 461 meters, 28th in the world
  8. the
  9. Balashikha radio tower, Balashikha, 427 m, 43 in the world
  10. the
  11. radio tower station RJH63 system RSDN-20, Imeretinskaya, 425 meters 46 in the world

Ostankino tower is the highest of all buildings in Russia and Europe.

The Above the highest buildings in Russia included inworld ranking of buildings, masts and towers. There is also a separate rating office/residential buildings. It includes Lakhta Center (Saint Petersburg, 462 meters, 16th in the world), Federation tower East (Moscow, 373 meters, 54 in the world) and South tower Eye (Moscow, 353 meters, 69 place in the world).

Lakhta Center. The tallest building in Russia and Europe

What will be the tallest building in the world

The Record for the Burj Khalifa holds for 13 years, but may soon be surpassed by Jeddah tower Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its construction started in 2013, and that project must achieve a height of 1007 meters. Until construction is frozen, but of the buildings under construction is the only one that threatens the current record.

Jeddah Tower should look like.

A large construction project was conceived in the end of the zero, but was cancelled due to the financial crisis of 2008. Among them the tower of Nahil in Dubai, with a design altitude of 1400 meters. She was supposed to be completed in 2018, but it did not happen.

Slightly Burj Khalifa had to outrun and the tower in Changsha, China. Construction was supposed to end in 2016, at a height of 838 meters, but that was also cancelled because of the crisis. Financial crisis. And still there are .

In Russia, for the same reason, canceled the construction of the Russia tower, which was to be completed in 2016 in Moscow. The design height is 612 meters. About one and a half times higher than the Federation tower East (373 meters).

Interesting project was the construction of the Palace of Soviets in Moscow during the Soviet Union. Its height was to be 495 meters, and the construction was canceled because of world war II.

If the construction has completed, the Palace of the Soviets could look like.

As you can see, many large construction projects around the world was cancelled for external reasons. Most of them — because of the crisis of 2008. Some buildings has disappeared and the part has changed and buildings were much lower than planned. All of this suggests that engineers and architects have long nothing is impossible. The question comes down to money, as each subsequent meter is much more expensive than the previous one.

Burj Khalifa was lucky. Was chosen the right place and time. She ”slipped” while others could not. That is why she is the leader, but the time will come and she will honorably go to second place, then lower and lower, but now she can enjoy the fame and we — for her.

tallest building in the world a lot, very high hundreds, dozens of huge, the tallest one.


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