What is Data Science and how to start working with big data


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What is Data Science and how to start working with big data

Neural networks can be considered a trend for the next few years, if not more. What is machine learning? In short, it is a tool that allows you to program the system for automatic learning and improving with new experiences. An important aspect of machine learning is a phenomenon of Big Data, or big data. The volume of data grows exponentially. For example, biology today has 1 exabyte of data on genomes, which equals 10 bytes at 18 degrees.

apply machine learning

Where machine learning is applied in everyday life? An elementary example — when you go to a social network, and there is a block with accounts of people you know. How the site learns that you are really familiar with a particular person, even if you never went to his page and wrote him? The system is trained on the basis of an open large dataset.

Or here — in 2012, Google conducted an experiment that used 1000 servers with about 16 thousand of cores. During the tests the neural network was analyzed 10 million screenshots of various random YouTube videos, of which were able with a high degree of accuracy to identify images of cats. And now machine learning, through the consumption of a large number of images enables to successfully implement the project of driverless car of Google.

Examples of the use of machine learning quite a lot, and often it can reveal many mysteries of history. So, in 1962, three prisoners were able to leave Alcatraz — a prison from which, it would seem impossible to escape. Investigators decided that the men had drowned after fleeing, however, after almost 60 years the neural network from companies Identv and Rothco messenger, analyzing millions of photos, "identified" two criminals in the picture 1975.

the same photo, which found ex-prisoners

To learn how to work with machine learning can be online for a few months — for example, after the course from SkillFactory. And it's not just a boring course with lots of theory (although without it in any way): first of all, you will learn to assess and optimize the model and will even help to train the first neural network. And in the end waiting for the final hackathon with real data set like reviews from online books store Amazon Kindle Store.

what is in a course on machine learning

Who are specialists in Data Science

However, the same dataset is small, even if a lot of them. You must be able to handle it for later use — these are professionals . To learn how to work with data that does not need to be a programmer from God or to have a degree in computer science. The best Data Scientist you get your skills, constantly working with models and datasets, solving specific tasks.

How to get started in Data Science

To Learn the trade from scratch — this too is a separate course which starts very soon — 4 Mar. You will learn the basics of programming in Python and data analysis, mathematics and statistics for Data Science, Data Engineering and other disciplines. Teaching a course employees of NVIDIA, the company EORA, "Yandex.Zen" and other leaders of industry with years of experience.

Courses on Data Science

The course will help you to develop skills that in the future you will be able to take on the task of teaching service, speech recognition software, to detect fraudulent transactions, forecasting demand for products and even generate music or poetry. To understand how this area is in demand, just look at the statistics of the Data Science on Russian and foreign recruitment sites.

Salary in the field of Data Science

why the need For Deep Learning

If you are already familiar with Python and machine learning and want to gain practical skills in programming of deep neural networks, note — a special course in neural networks which is supported by NVIDIA Corporation.

The course instructors will tell you the full path to a deep learning — from renting a dedicated server GPUs for Deep Learning, including the creation of a full-fledged working model for computer vision, natural language analysis and Recommender systems. Teach work with frameworks TensorFlow, Keras and others.

This is only part of the course on deep learning

For everyone has the opportunity to change direction and learn something new, be it machine learning or Deep Learning, especially working with data especially in demand now and will remain so for years to come. And the promo code Hi-news you have the possibility to rate with a 25% discount on tuition (the promo code is valid till 27.03.2020).

Machine learning is finding more and more applications


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