Computer Israeli lunar lander "Bereshit" failed


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Computer Israeli lunar lander

The spacecraft "Genesis" private Israeli company SpaceIL currently heading to the moon, experienced a strange failure before the second turning on the engines for course corrections. At the moment the engineers of the mission, analyze the situation, but details about what caused this behavior of the device yet reported. It is noted that the system module is now operating normally.

"In preparation for the maneuver, on-Board computer "Bereshit" unexpectedly rebooted, and the inclusion of the engines was automatically cancelled. Engineering teams analyze the situation, however, until all onboard are working normally," said team SpaceIL "Twitter".

Recall that the "Genesis" was last Thursday with the help of the carrier rocket Falcon 9. It was originally created in the framework of the project Lunar XPrize, the organizer of which was Google. Private companies were asked to create a lunar Rover and send it to the satellite. The winner promised $ 20 million, 2nd and 3rd places were asked to divide $ 10 million. Unfortunately, the established competitions terms none of the participants did not have time. Therefore, the project covered. However SpaceIL decided to continue developing its module with the support of private investors. The feature of this apparatus is that the move on the surface of the moon he supposedly jumps. Rebounding from the surface, he must fly 500 meters and gently prionitis back, simultaneously making photographs of the moon's surface.

Last week, the company sent its staff in the near-earth space. It is expected that he will hold there for about 2.5 months, gradually increasing its orbit, until eventually reaches the moon. For this purpose it is necessary to perform several corrective maneuvers. The first such maneuver (successfully) the apparatus complied with on the weekends. The module turned on my engine, proving that it is workable.

The Second maneuver, the Israeli engineers had planned to spend today, but before starting the engine electronics of the probe recorded a strange glitch in the onboard computer and extra have disabled them.

CEO of SpaceIL IDO Anteby reported that failure occurred in the system "gave no reason for postponement of the landing of the spacecraft "Genesis" to the moon". According to Dr. Antebi, the company's specialists will be able to "solve the problem for a day or two, and it will not affect the schedule of the flight."

And If that be so, the module will reach the moon around the second half of April. Landing on the satellite is planned to be implemented in a huge crater on the moon called the Sea of Clarity – near this spot sat the spacecraft "Luna-21" and "Apollo-17".

It is Expected that "Genesis" will be able to work on the moon's surface for two days. During this time, scientists hope to conduct a series of measurements of the magnetic field of the moon using a device developed by physicists at the Weizmann Institute of science in Rehovot.

Such a short time of operation due to the fact that it has no thermal protection and cooling system, so the electronics for this time is likely to overheat or freeze.
If "Genesis" still able to sit down on Earth, it will be the first time to the moon, successfully land a private spacecraft with scientific equipment.

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