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Technology does not pass by the arms industry — not so long ago, for example, the American company showed smart Radetec Glock pistol with display and additional sensors like a store display and number of cartridges. Their colleagues from Gill Arms decided to go a different route and, on the contrary, has developed the easiest gun in the world. It consists of 25 items that are incredibly little for a device of this type.

weighing just 836 grams, while equipped with a magazine capacity of 17 rounds (caliber 9×19 millimeters) and a number of safety mechanisms that make it possible to shot only when you press the trigger. The length and height of the gun is 196 mm and 139 mm respectively, making the weapon not only simple, but also compact.

Now one of the most common pistols in the world is the Glock 17, which consists of 33 parts. A new gun could become its successor: the simpler the design of the weapon, the easier its mass. In addition, this pistol easier to service in cleaning.

By the Way, the first in the world printed on a 3D printer metal gun — Gun Metal, also consists of 33 parts. The gun is built on the basis of a classic 1911, made of stainless steel and Inconel. The nylon handle is reinforced with carbon fiber. The gun barrel can withstand an internal pressure of over 20,000 psi.

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