"Wormholes": Russian physicist proposed an explanation of the geometry of the wormhole


2018-10-19 16:45:10




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A Wormhole, or as it is commonly called, a wormhole scientists are in a tunnel located between the two whirlpools of light. In reality, no one in the scientific community does not know how to actually could look like these objects. However, one Russian physics has its own assumptions in this regard. His study was recently published .

Scientists believe that black holes, like their bilateral relatives of the wormhole, it is impossible to explore directly. So the only way to study these objects will be indirect monitoring of their impact that they have on surrounding space and the objects that will be there. Roman Konoplya, a physicist from the people's friendship University have offered their vision to the physical characteristics of these hypothetical objects, taking as the basis of our knowledge about light and the geometry of space-time.

In his study, he explains how it is possible to reconstruct the function form of a spherically symmetric traversable Lorentzian wormhole around her neck, if you know its high frequency quasi-normal fashion. All clear? For the average fan wormhole to understand this is of course complicated, so I will try to explain what it meant in simpler words.

According to the General theory of relativity and Maxwell's equations describing electromagnetic waves, which give us information about the speed of light, time and space behave as if they have a common physical nature. But assuming all is well only until you do not adhere to General relativity and its derivation, according to which space-time can be clamped at the point of infinite density – a black hole.

In 1916, Austrian physicist Ludwig Flamm, using the same math showed how the space might be distorted, preventing the flow of information that led to the emergence of the theory of "white hole". Twenty years later, Einstein and his fellow physicist Nathan Rosen showed, suggested that the two phenomenon can be technically linked to each other. Physicists have put forward the hypothesis that information falling into a black hole may come out somewhere else in space-time through the white hole.

The Most likely candidates for the role of wormholes would be tiny black holes that appear and disappear. In order to keep this hole open for a long time then it is passed, requires enormous amounts of energy. What could be behind this energy science to answer can not yet. Moreover, scientists still do not know what the space-time beyond this point. This means that we don't know how to change such things as weight or distance, when you move to the middle of a black hole, or in this case, down the tunnel of the wormhole.

According to Hemp, the key to understanding the shape of the neck between the two black and white hole is a way of energy dissipation in space.

The recent observation of gravitational waves, flying around the space after collisions of black holes and neutron stars, scientists have found how energy can be distorted in space-time.

Dynamic fluctuations of the surface of a black hole is considered in physics as a quasi-normal fashion. Starting with a certain class of assumptions about the symmetry of the wormhole, Hemp believes we can learn a bit more about them as soon as we set the value of the high frequency quasi-normal modes which can come from their mouth.

With this in mind, he applied the principles of quantum mechanics, to determine how light waves are stretched to distortion of the electromagnetic fields surrounding black holes, and got a rough idea of how to look for wormholes.

The Concept of the scientist are not perfect. And not only because he is based on hypotheses and on a vast number of assumptions, but also because it does not give a definitive answer.

"In General, quantum mechanics leads to several decisions of the geometry of the wormhole," — says the scientist.

But it's a solid starting point, the scientist believes, which can be expanded as soon as the calculations will have different quantum fields, potentially giving us a new way of detection.
Thanks to the research of gravitational waves, which are increasingly moving forward, it is possible that the elusive walk-through the wormhole may one day actually become a reality, as well as once and the black hole.

To Discuss the findings of the research are .


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