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Are there parallel universes? Ten facts for

Even before Everett and his ideas of multiple universes that physicists have come to a standstill. They had to use one set of rules for the subatomic world, which is subject to quantum mechanics, and another set of rules for large-scale everyday world we can see and touch. The complexity of the transition from one scale to another twisted brains of scientists in fancy shapes.

For Example, in quantum mechanics particles do not have certain properties, while nobody looks at them. Their nature is described by the so-called wave function that includes all possible properties that can have particle. But in a separate universe all of these properties can't exist simultaneously, so when you look at a particle, it takes one state. This idea is portrayed metaphorically in the paradox with schrödinger's cat — when the cat sitting in a box, simultaneously alive and dead until you open the box to check. Your action turns the cat into a warm and living or stuffed. However, .

In the multiverse you don't need to worry about that you can kill a cat with his curiosity. Instead, whenever you open the window, reality splits into two versions. It is not clear? Agree. But somewhere there may be another version of the event that just happened in front of you. Somewhere in there it did not happen.

Left to figure out what the reasons are found scientists to snap this incredible theory to the facts.


So the reality could be endless

In a 2011 interview with Columbia University physicist Brian Greene, who wrote the book "the Hidden reality: parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos," explained that we are not sure quite how big the universe is. It can be a very, very large but finite. Or, if you go from Earth in any direction, space could expand forever. Approximately most of us it is.

But if the cosmos is infinite, it must be a multiverse with infinite parallel realities, according to Greene. Imagine that the universe and all matter in it is equivalent to a deck of cards. Just as in a deck of 52 cards, will be exactly the same different forms of matter. If you shuffle a deck long enough, eventually the order of the cards repeat the original. Similarly, in the infinite universe of matter will eventually repeat and is organized in a similar way. Multiple universe, called multiverse, with an infinite number of parallel realities contains similar, but slightly different versions of everything, and thus ensures a simple and convenient way to explain the repetition.


So can you explain how the universe begins and ends

People Have special passion — and it is related to the ability of the brain to form circuits — we want to know the beginning and end of each story. Including the history of the universe itself. But if the Big Bang was the beginning of the universe, what caused it and what existed before him? Does the universe end and what shall be after him? These questions ever asked by anyone of us.

The Multiverse can explain all these things. Some physicists have assumed that the infinite regions of the multiverse can be called worlds-branes. These branes exist in multiple dimensions, but we can't locate them, because they can only perceive three dimensions of space and one of time in our own world-bran.

Some physicists believe that these branes as plates are piled together like sliced bread in the package. Most of the time they are separated. But sometimes there are. Theoretically, these collisions is catastrophic enough to cause a recurring "big bangs" — so to parallel universes begins anew, again and again.


the Observations suggest that multiple universes can exist

The Planck space Observatory of the European space Agency collects data on cosmic microwave background, or CMB, the background radiation, which is still lit by the hot stage of the Universe.

Her research has also led to possible evidence of the existence of the multiverse. In 2010, a team of scientists from Britain, Canada and the United States have discovered four unusual and unlikely circular patterns in the CMB. Scientists have suggested that these labels could be "bruises" that remain on the body of our Universe after the collision with others.

In 2015, the researcher ESA Rank-RAM Hari made a similar discovery. Hari took the model from CMB heavenly pictures of the Observatory, and then removed everything else that we know of — stars, gas and interstellar dust and so on. At this point, the sky had become mostly empty, with the exception of background noise.

But he didn't. Instead, within a certain range of frequencies Hari was able to detect scattered stains on the map of the cosmos field, which was about 4,500 times brighter than should have been. Scientists have come up with another possible explanation: these spots are the fingerprints of collisions between our Universe and parallel.

Hari believes that if we don't find another way to explain these markings, "will have to conclude that Nature, in the end, you may play craps, and we are just one random universe among many others".


the universe is too large to exclude the possibility of the existence of parallel realities

It Is likely that multiple universes exist, although we have not seen parallel realities, because we can't disprove its existence.

At First it may seem that it is a clever rhetorical trick, but think about this: even in our world, we found many things whose existence I didn't know, and these things happened — the global crisis of 2008 is a good example. Before him no one thought possible. David Hume called such events "black swans," people will assume that all swans are white until you see the black swans.

The Scale of the Universe allow you to think about the possibility of the existence of multiple universes. We know that the universe is very very large, possibly infinite in size. This means that we will not be able to detect everything that exists in the universe. And since scientists have determined that the Universe is about 13.8 billion years, we can detect only the light that managed to reach us during this time. If parallel reality is farther than for 13.8 light-years from us, we may never know about its existence, even that, if it existed in our visible dimensions.


Multiple universes make sense from the point of view of atheism

As explained in a 2008 interview at Stanford University physicist Andrei Linde, if the physical world is subordinate to several other rules, life could not exist. If protons were 0.2 percent heavier than it is now, for example, they would be so unstable that they would break on a simple particle instantaneously without the formation of the atom. And if gravity were a little stronger, the result would be monstrous. Stars like our sun would be squeezed tight enough that would have burned its fuel in a few million years, without giving a chance to form planets like planet. This so-called "fine tuning problem".

Some see this as the exact equilibrium conditions, the proof of the participation of the Almighty power, Supreme being that created everything, which greatly anger atheists. But the possibility of the existence of the multiverse where this power will just be in a separate reality with all the necessary life factors, it suits them.

As he said to Linda, "for me the reality of multiple universes are logically possible. We can say: perhaps it is a mystical coincidence. Maybe God created the Universe for our benefit. I don't know anything about God, but the universe itself might reproduce itself infinite number of times in all possible manifestations".


the time Travelers can't break history

The Popularity of the trilogy "Back to the future" has led many to keen on the idea of time travel. Since the film was released on the screen, no one has yet developed a DeLorean capable of moving back and forward in time for decades or centuries. But scientists believe that time travel can be at least theoretically possible.

And if it is possible, we could be in the same situation as the main character in "Back to the future" Marty McFly — at the risk of unintentionally changing something in the past thereby altering the future and the course of history. McFly accidentally prevented his parents meet and fall in love, thereby successfully removing himself from the family photos.

However, in article 2015, it has been suggested that the existence of the multiverse does not make such efforts mandatory. "The existence of alternative worlds, means that there is no unified timeline, which can be broken," wrote George Dvorsky. On the contrary, if a person went back in time and change anything, it just creates a new set of parallel universes.


We could be a simulation for an advanced civilization

All these topics about parallel universes that we discussed at the moment, was very interesting. But there is something curious.

In 2003, philosopher Nick Bostrom, Director, future of humanity Institute, Oxford University, wondered whether anything we perceive as a reality — in particular, our separate parallel universe to be just a digital simulation of another universe. For Bostrom, it will take 1036 calculations to create a detailed model of human history.

Well-developed alien civilization being technological level which will make us look like cave dwellers of the Paleolithic — could have sufficient computing power to do this. Moreover, modeling...


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