Google I/O 2018 tomorrow. Why wait?


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Google I/O 2018 tomorrow. Why wait?

Very soon will start the Google I/O 2018. Since the Google services and the Android operating system interesting to most Internet users, the forthcoming conference is one of the most important technological events of the year. It will be announced in the next few days and what technologies will develop further?

The Annual developers conference held by Google, is interesting not only for programmers but also to the billions of Internet users, most of whom are also users of products and services search giant. Held annually in may, the conference Google I/O largely determines the priorities of development of the industry for the whole year. How can it delight? The answer to this question was considered by Nick Statham (Nick Statt) on the resource page .

This year's Google I/O will again be held at Shoreline Amphitheater in mountain view (CA). The conference will begin on Tuesday, may 8, 2018, and during the public learns many new things about the future of mobile OS Android and Google's efforts towards the development of artificial intelligence.

Also Expected for more information about the new platform for wearable devices — Wear OS. Attention will be probably paid Google Assistant, Android TV, Google Home, Google Play, and search system of the company. In this period of the year, Google wants to show everyone that its software is more intelligent and more advanced than similar products from its competitors — Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.


P Android

The Main theme of the Google I/O usually becomes the newest version of the Android mobile operating system. This year we will focus on Android P. Android version last year Oreo was revised notifications and improved approach to updating the software of mobile devices. It is expected that the changes in the latest mobile software will be visual and touch interface enhancements the most popular operating system for smartphones.

Those who had the opportunity to work with released in early March, the first trial of the new OS for developers, noted certain trends. In Android P paid attention to the fact that "search" is becoming increasingly common in modern full-screen smartphones screen notch. The changes will affect privacy settings, of harmonizing and simplifying design approach and improve the usability of menus, docks and screens. According to rumors, in Android P can also be implemented with some features of the approach to gestures, and the same applies to iPhone X from Apple. However, in the coming Tuesday, users have to learn about the upcoming OS a lot.


Artificial intelligence

However, at Google I/O will be considered not only a new version of Android, but also prospects of development of technologies of artificial intelligence. The head of Google Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) is not the first positioning artificial intelligence as that will be important for the company direction in the future. We are talking about the software, is able to see and understand the world, to identify objects, to analyze natural language. And it will help Google in the coming years to improve each of its products.

Moreover, this process has already begun with products such as Google Assistant (voice and text functions), translation program Google Translate and platform object recognition and image Google Lens.

During the Google I/O will probably have to learn something new about Google Lens, platform TensorFlow and chips Tensor Processing Unit. These chips are specially designed for training systems of artificial intelligence, and they help the company to accelerate the learning process for their neural networks.

It is also Expected to hear about artificial intelligence-something as big as what it was during the conference for developers of Facebook — F8 when the company representatives considered artificial intelligence as the future of Facebook business. No surprise that Google and Facebook compete by attracting the best talent, and both companies have competing departments of the development of artificial intelligence, salaries which are among the highest in the technology industry.


Google Assistant Google Home

Assistant remains the most significant competitor to Amazon's Alexa, and to a lesser extent, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. Assistant able to work on devices running operating systems iOS and Android as an app and a voice interface. But even more it can be interesting as a software layer operating system designed for smart home devices that are already on the market a line of smart speakers from Google.

It is Expected that the conference will hear not only about some of the new features of Google Assistant, but also on new approaches to integrating this with Google AT Home. However, the announcement of the device, most likely, will take place in the autumn of the presentation, along with a debut before a wide audience of devices Pixel. Thus, at the upcoming conference for developers, no new hardware products is not expected from Google.

However, given that the company is expanding the presence of Google Home on the market and provided support for third-party developers for Google's Assistant, it is possible that this topic will be told something quite spectacular.


Google Photos, Google News, Google Play

Since the Google Photos, Google News and Google Play in General — very popular products, they are annually one paid attention during Google I/O. About Google Photos expected to hear about how the company's software recognizes the image and objects, improved app to store photos and helps you create interesting montages, gifs, and other short video content.

More recently, the resource was reported about the plans of Google to rework its platform News for computers and mobile devices. Presumably, Google Newsstand is converted into a mobile application "all in one" Google News with supplements as a larger volume of YouTube videos and fast downloads of the proprietary format of the company — AMP — for all platforms. It is expected that Google News is making its debut at the opening of Google I/O.


Material Design Update

The philosophy of Material Design, a modern approach to the UI design of Android, Chrome and mobile applications for nearly four years. Many have heard about the "Material Design 2". But in 2018, it is probably not talking about a complete revision of the approach to design.

Some changes in the design of Chrome and the recent redesign of Gmail suggests that we are talking about a more unified approach to the design of software for Android devices, computers, Chromebook running on the PC and Chrome web applications. And Google I/O — a perfect opportunity for the company to show its new approach to a wider audience.


Wear OS

As is known, the software platform from Google for wearable devices now called Android Wear, and Wear OS. Trial new Wear OS was released simultaneously with a special developer version of Android Wear OS P. For typical mobile devices a much-needed improvement concerning the time of operation of the device from the battery without recharging and dark UI mode, which is more comfortable for eyes when you just need to look at the clock and quickly perceive displayed on their display information. Google recently announced several updates to OS Wear that create a platform for wearable devices more Google Assistant.

It is Probably on I/O, Google will tell you more about the first Wear OS update and the release of the second, more widely available, the evaluation release of the operating system for developers. It should be noted that the use of the first version was limited to only models from Huawei.

It is possible that Wear OS will become the platform that will change the mind of users about the power of smart watches due to its software. The main feature can be a voice control implemented through the integration of Google Assistant.


Android TV and Android Auto

Android TV and Android Auto are among those developments of Google, which online say often. But, anyway, during the Google I/O conference of them, probably, something will be said.

Android TV is already not the first year. Last year saw the redesign of the home screen for the Android version O and anything more impressive. However, in this context we should also remember the rumors that Google may launch a similar Chromecast dongle on Android TV with support for 4K, which provides a full TV interface.

The Software is Android Auto is also present in the market for several years. Recent improvements especially noted wireless support devices Pixel Nexus, which was implemented last month. In January of this year, Google announced that the software Assistant will soon be the basis of the voice features of Android Auto. Thus, at the Google I/O audience can acquaint with this function is designed for cars software.

To Discuss the upcoming on Google I/O announcements 2018 readers can ....


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