Chinese police began to train a cloned dog


2019-03-20 15:30:08




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In 2018, the Chinese company Sinogene Biotechnology cloned 7-year-old dog Huachana, who years earlier received awards from the Ministry of public security of the PRC for his contribution in solving murders. It is expected that its clone named Kunshun will become a valuable "employee", through inherited instincts and care. At the moment the puppy with a similar 99% set of DNA just two months, but the police has already started to train her. She is already showing good results.

The Cloning was carried out in Beijing — the researchers removed the genetic material Huachuang, and after fertilization the embryo is moved into the body of a surrogate mother. It was made by the Beagle dog, as it is their company uses for its laboratory tests. The cost of the cloning process were not reported, but training dogs copied costs police $ 75,000, and takes 4-5 years.

According to police, Kursuni well accustomed to the workplace, it is not afraid of the dark and unfamiliar objects. Already at the initial stage it was noticed that it has successfully inherited a good nose — the dog easily finds hidden objects. About the main skills of the dog will be known after six months — it will arrive in the "University" where you learn to look for drugs, weapons and other evidence.

Dog Huachana very smart, and in 2016 helped to find the killer with a key from his hotel room. According to police, the dog is "one in a thousand." That is why the selection of dog cloning, the choice fell on her. The researchers acknowledge that about mass cloning smart and strong dogs is said before. Nevertheless, they hope that after 10 years it will become commonplace.

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