Remember, the scientists turned the clock back? So, it was not


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If you believe everything you read on the Internet (including us), quantum physicists are to be congratulated. Sounds cool: scientists (and even Russian) . Direct Back to the future. It all started with an article in Scientific Reports with the provocative title "the Arrow of time and its inverse the quantum computer IBM". In it, the authors stated that they conducted an experiment, according to them, opens new directions of research "time reversal and reverse time."

If you still don't understand why the world has not gone mad, since scientists have made such amazing progress, don't worry. They have not achieved.


the Scientists turned the clock back. Right?

Some simple physical models are symmetric in time. Imagine an idealized version of the Earth rotating around the Sun, where each of the bodies represented an ideal sphere. Let's see how this system moves forward in time, and in a counterclockwise direction. "Pay" time and the Earth will move in a clockwise direction. Both events are equally realistic. Or imagine the collision of two billiard balls. Can skip video in any direction, and it is physically plausible.

The Real world is not like that. It looked not as if time went into reverse — entropy (measure of disorder) is increasing. It is a law of physics and common sense.

What did these scientists then, if not invented time travel?

Think about pressing rewind on the video. She "draws the stream of time" in a sense. If you've never done — make it fun. You will see how the steam back into a kettle, Cup going of the fragments. We are interested in the article describes how the quantum computing version of the video shown in reverse order.

A closer comparison would be the lens that can be found in the telescope, the microscope, or spectacles. The lens can be used to focus light, the "treatment" of light scattering, which is out of focus. The authors say that their method can be useful for testing quantum programs. That's right. But this is not a time machine.

According to Scott Aaronson, Director of the Quantum information center at the University of Texas at Austin, "if you model the process by reversing time on your computer, you can change the direction of time by changing the direction of your model. Quickly looking at the work, I must admit I don't understand where this noise if the simulation was performed on a quantum computer IBM".

In General, the time machine had not been created. No one violated the laws of thermodynamics, physics. This case can give quantum computing a bad name. Do not let knock yourself confused. It's sometimes difficult to explain the paradoxes that actually exist in quantum mechanics, without sensational slogans. Time only moves forward.

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