What is the doomsday clock? Little-known facts and opinions


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What is the doomsday clock? Little-known facts and opinions

Colorful scenario of destruction of everything on earth

More than sure that many of you have heard of the doomsday clock — the ominous name of some obscure hours, which is constantly being transferred closer to midnight. Actually, this is a more interesting phenomenon than the periodic mention in news reports. In addition, clocks are put forward, there have been adjustments in the opposite direction. What does it depend, what kind of watch is when they appeared and why they should not be afraid? We will answer all the questions in this article.

What is the doomsday clock?

You might think that the doomsday clock is a real clock, which will stand or hang. In reality, they exist only on the cover of the magazine, which is a project of the University of Chicago. In fact, they have even not the time, and math . Midnight on the clock signifies a nuclear cataclysm and, in fact, the end of the world. Than the watch closer to the mark, the more likely the sad outcome. Sometimes, clocks are put back. The fact that the movement is not one-sided, is a proof that their position indicates it is on the likelihood of the end, not the quick and inevitable end. The clock is not ticking, and make it clear when the probability of doomsday is above all.

Oddly enough, the clock was invented the people who invented the atomic bomb. It was then, in 1947, their set at 23:53, but very quickly moved on 23:57, when in 1949 the Soviet Union tested its first .

Enchanting beauty deadly phenomenon

The question Arises, why does the clock in the beginning was established on 23:53. The answer is you don't like it... It was done just like that. Just someone decided that 7 minutes to a nuclear disaster — it looks beautiful. That is why on the cover of «Newsletter» adorned a clock with that time on the dial. No hidden meaning.

In the early years of the hours of the decision about their transfer took sole editor of the journal. After his death in 1973, the decision taken by the Council for science and security. This Council consists of experts from completely different fields of science. You can say that watches have become more accurate.

How long clock doomsday

Hands on 4 minutes ahead in 1949 did not bring the watch to the closest point from the end of the world. After just 4 years after that the USA and the USSR around the same time tested bomb. Then watch and have been translated into 23:58. Later, they were transferred twice in five minutes ago. It happened in 1960 and 1963.

In the first case, this was due to the realization by world community the dangers of uncontrolled use of nuclear weapons. Awareness was expressed in a large number of statements of various political figures on this topic. In the second case, the US and the USSR signed a Treaty banning the testing of nuclear weapons. Translation hours ago did not prevent the Cuban missile crisis. The voltage rose quickly, but also quickly and slept. Publishing just do not have time to respond to the threat.

Visual example of how scholars translate the doomsday clock

In the future, the clock effect and the clash of interests in Vietnam and India test its first nuclear bomb, and more. The safe began in 1991, when the United States and the Soviet Union signed a Treaty to reduce strategic arms. This marked the end of the cold war and allowed to transfer hours of 23:43.

It is Worth noting that in addition to the threat of a nuclear strike by one of the parties on the doomsday clock was influenced, though to a lesser extent, able to reflect these impacts. The development of air defense systems were a bit eased tensions.

Now the doomsday clock set at 23:58. This is due to a lot of stress in the world caused in the middle East, the testing by the DPRK of its nuclear weapons and trade wars of some countries, the largest of which is the conflict between the USA and China. In addition, now the doomsday clock is affected by not only the position in the arms market, but also other factors.

What affects the doomsday clock

According to the authors hours the main factor influencing the position of the hands was just a nuclear threat. In 2007, the approach has changed a bit. According to the authors «Newsletter» humanity is slowly but surely moving towards catastrophic climate change. Now they began to affect the watch. Later the same was taken into account the position in society of different countries and some other factors.

also affects the doomsday clock

Against the background of relative stability in the sphere of strategic weapons, change the time remaining until midnight, you can change just the inclusion of new variables in the calculation.

Since 1991, the clock was transferred 9 times, of which arrow was the only one that swung back. It happened in 2010, when the United States pledged to reduce and started to negotiate with Russia on signing a new Treaty on strategic offensive arms (SNV).

In 2017 a new tradition to regulate your watch for 30 seconds. Clearance to midnight less, and it is necessary to reduce the step. It is possible that soon will translate for 10 seconds, and then one at a time.

Should we be afraid of the doomsday clock

Not so long ago in which I gave examplesthe promised end of the world. Then, as an epilogue, I said that doomsday is inevitable, but should not be afraid. At least, do not be afraid of it in a specific date. The probability of its occurrence in the infinite future, even the theory of probability is one hundred percent. Is it easier for you to know that after many billions of years the Sun, like all stars, will explode and Earth will come to an end? I, frankly, don't care what will. Will Express his opinion on the matter.

So look underwater atomic explosion.

Likewise, do not be afraid and that watch are stepping closer and closer to midnight. The closer they come to it, the more resistance they will meet their hands. It's one thing to brandish nuclear fists, when the collision is over, and quite another when the finger is held over the button. At the helm of the nuclear powers are the people who understand that after the attack on other members of this club will follow the answer and it's all over. It will not matter what happens. That is why they will not allow such clashes. In a nuclear war there are no winners.

In this scenario, more than likely, I think, a mistake someone responsible for the air defense system. Although, in this age of technology, surely there are systems that do not allow just one conditional to the Sergeant to make a mistake in the game with such high stakes.

Let this, too, will throw and will quietly live. We have enough other problems to worry about the fact that we can't change.


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