We enter the next era of drones


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We enter the next era of drones

These automated flying robots — tiny, cheap and they do not mind to break. In large groups they can save your life or become the most deadly weapon since the advent of the machine gun. What are you when you think about unmanned aerial vehicle? Modest toy with remote control and a propeller, or large unmanned military aircraft? Very soon, these images can be very different: drones are getting smaller, cheaper, can be automatically gather in groups of hundreds or even thousands, like bees or birds.

They are called a swarm — drones collect enough together, and they will be able to outperform people in many respects. They could save your life or become a lethal and powerful force on the battlefield.

Why swarm drones generally have a value?

First, on the battlefield, they would surpass the weapons and technology that the military used for decades. Think about it: in a crowded city group of tiny quadcopters could be held for espionage. Tank battalions will be captured by a miniature drone snipers, attacking from all sides simultaneously. In a sea of thousands of small drones could arrive on the warship and attack him; many can be shot down, but others remain, will destroy the radar and leave the ship defenseless.

Roy is no leader or commander; Roy is a self-organizing system in which all elements are equal. Swarming allows unmanned aerial vehicles to effectively conduct a reconnaissance of the terrain or fly together without colliding. And need only one operator to control the entire swarm at once.

Swarm is relentless. One missile can shoot down a drone, but Roy could lose dozens of members and to continue the movement. Air defense with a limited supply of missiles can be overwhelmed by a sufficient number of opponents.

Soon the drones will swarm and in many other situations, from rock concerts to the stockyards.

So, we will see swarms of drones in everyday life?

Exactly. Almost observed.

Earlier this year, 300 drones have gathered in the American flag to show Lady Gaga to light up the night sky. Intel promotes its swarms of Shooting Star as an alternative to fireworks. EHang, the Chinese company set the record for the largest swarm in the exciting Christmas show in which 1000 drones formed a map of China and the Chinese symbol of blessing.

Roy will be able to cheaply and quickly test pipes, chimneys, power lines and industrial installations.

Swarms of drones can even settle on the farm. They can identify plant diseases and help in the distribution of water or spray pesticides in the right places, working cooperatively, and covering large areas in a short time.

Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos from the Center for distributed robotics at the University of Minnesota is working on solar-powered drones that will work together to survey large areas of farmland at a low price.

"their task will be quick detection of a lack of nitrogen, plant diseases and proper management of water resources," says Papanikolopoulos.

What else?

While drones were used in the rescue operations over the years, the Supervisory swarms of the smaller versions could have saved more lives.

In the laboratory air microapparatus at the University of Delft make Roy "pocket drones", each of which can fit on the palm of your hand. They fly in enclosed spaces, in buildings that are too badly damaged to rescue people, to explore, and to search for survivors after earthquakes and other disasters.

Scientists from Loughborough University created a system to help in search and rescue in mountain areas, which uses a team of 10 small hand-held drones. Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras to locate lost climbers. Communicating with each other, they ensure that the whole area will be covered.

What the military is developing ROI — and why?

Many countries are developing swarming technology. The US, for example, recently launched a small drone Perdix 103 with F/A-18. They weigh a few hundred grams and are released from the dispensers, usually used for signal lights or distracting flashes. 3D-printed drones Perdix disposable and is designed to suppress the air defense of the enemy, acting as bait or mufflers.

The U.S. Navy also aims to create a swarm of drones that cost less than the missiles. They develop software that allows to separate the part of the swarm for specific missions or to connect new drones to swarm quickly and quietly.

The Other player is China, a long time leader in the field of small UAVs. The Chinese company DJI owns about 70% of the world market, and now the Chinese military can see what we can do with these new technologies. At the December aerospace exhibition, the state company CETC showed a video with the participation of 70 drones flying at the same time. The drones flew in formation and "participated" in intelligence operations. These drones can also carry out a massive attack to the missile launchers of the enemy. They attack from all sides at the same time, too many of them to be able to protect themselves from them.

Perhaps the most ambitious plan is a project of the marine Corps of the United States. He plans to create the first wave of drones that will be used on land, at sea and in the air to search for people on the beach, reconnaissance, detection of enemy positions and possible attack. Roy will also be able to provide protection from swarms of enemy drones. To explore this option, the Body creates a strategic game in which Roy fights Roy.

These small drones can be spies and scouts. Agency DARPA provides that each foot soldier will have their own swarm intelligence, especially in urban areas and inside buildings.

"two Hundred and fifty small aircraft will be able to occupy six city blocks," says Stephen Crampton of Swarm Systems. Roy could potentially organize themselves in podreu to deliver useful information, for example, about the threat to the position.

What will be the future of swarm drones?

Now the technology swarm drones is in its infancy. But growing rapidly.

In theory Roy is able to destroy any existing weapons and to provide enough accurate firepower to cause destruction on a large scale. His influence can surpass the appearance of the gun: owning your own swarm of drones will be king of the battlefield. The war will be won by those who will have a bigger and better Roy.

But the battlefield is not the only place where you'll see ROI. In fact, they one day will live together with us.

In the long run, if researchers from the Harvard Wyss Institute the right, a small swarming drones will be a part of our environment, like insects. Their RoboBee project involves the development of tiny drones the size of a paperclip and weighing ten grams. Thousands of robocall will be used for weather monitoring, observation or even pollination of the plants, if necessary.



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