Warner Music has signed the first ever contract with artificial intelligence


2019-04-27 10:43:57




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The impression that people are not just resigned to the fact that artificial intelligence creates works of art for which they are willing to pay a tidy sum — more than that, people welcome it. And in response to the artificial intelligence masters new spheres. Warner Music, for example, signed the first ever agreement on entry to the algorithm and became the first major label that has agreed to record musical creativity and artificial intelligence to produce it.

The German app is to create a musical mood has signed a contract to release 20 albums this year alone, and five of them are already out. The app creates personalized soundscapes for users depending on their requirements, whether it's music for relaxation or concentration. The official site calls it "cross-platform audionositeley".


Artificial intelligence sells music

The Application that is currently available on smartphones and Echo, uses input data such as time of day and weather to create certain sounds. Five released albums called "a Clear night", "Rainy night", "cloudy day", "cloudy night" and "Misty morning". They are all based on different types of sleep.

"I'm sure that listeners who enjoy these new albums will benefit from lower anxiety and improve mood," says Kevin Gore, the President of the division of musical arts Warner Music Group, under the umbrella which is going to sign, develop and produce creations far undervalued genres.

The Following 15 albums will focus on other application modes: focus, relaxation and a walk. Among investors — Alexa the Amazon Fund and Jillionaire of Major Lazer.

"We are focused on building personalized and adaptive audio environments in real time, but happy to share pre-recorded albums to showcase the power of sound and our technology," said Oleg stavytsky, founder and CEO Endel.

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