Officially confirmed the extinction of the first species of mammal due to global warming


2019-03-23 14:45:08




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Australian authorities have officially recognized the extinction of the first species of mammal due to global climate change. We are talking about reef mosaicisti rat (Melomys rubicola). A message in a new report, which the government of Australia also reported on the increased adoption of measures for the protection of species under threat of extinction. The first report of the possible complete extinction of this species of mammal has appeared three years ago. However, all subsequent time scientists have tried to find comprehensive evidence and proof of this statement.

According to a new report, the only habitat of Melomys rubicola is a small (about four acres) island bramble Cay in North-Eastern Torres Strait. Recent years the island has been affected by numerous storms and other extreme weather events. According to published information, this has led to the destruction of 97 percent of the habitat of the species, in consequence of which it is critically reduced places and food sources for Melomys rubicola.

According to the report, 2016 last individual of a species Melomys rubicola seen professional fishermen in 2009. It is possible that it is now the only surviving member of the species, reports Scientific America.

Once upon a reef mozaichist rats has been described as a relatively common form, but by the end of the 20th century its population had dropped to catastrophic values. During the 1998 study were discovered only 93 living individuals; two decades earlier, the population numbered "several hundred". In the course of additional studies conducted in 2002 and 2004-m years, scientists were able to discover only 10-12 of living individuals. The sad figures reported for 2008. As a potential major cause of declining population of the species is called increasing the level of ocean water, flooding and erosion of coastal zones of the island.

Unfortunately, the proposed in this regard in 2008, the plan aims to restore populations of Melomys rubicola, nor to no avail. As stated this week in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald Tim Beshar, Director of the state of the Australian organization "the wildlife Society" proposed options for action for all this time and has not been implemented.

Scientific America notes that such a sad statement the Australian government was quite expected. When filed in 2016, the government of Queensland report referred to the possible extinction of species Melomys rubicola, the main reason for this was called the anthropogenic climate change that led to a rise in global sea level.

Although extinction "of some species of rats" for some may seem insignificant and certainly not the end of the world, this fact is another reminder that human civilization has an irreversible catastrophic effect on the planet.

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