How to learn to work professionally with PDF


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How to learn to work professionally with PDF

Not in vain PDF remains one of the most popular formats for document exchange, because it is ergonomic and easy to use

The PDF Format has become one of the most versatile for document exchange. You can write scientific work even in Notepad, but you can still ask to translate it in the format PDF. Why? First, PDF-Ki open almost everywhere, and often they do not require additional software. In contrast to the same Word document to PDF almost cannot hurt, and its opening appears incomprehensible error of weird characters. However, if the PDF viewer is still clear (and on Windows, and on Mac it is possible to make built-in tools), here with editing and creating of these files isn't easy. Here come to the aid special .

Someone is using free applications with reduced functionality, while others prefer to swing to "break" Adobe Reader. We have always advocated the use of the licensed software, but understand that the subscription cost of Adobe for many may be too high. Fortunately there are more solutions available which have most of the same functions — like application .

7 PDFelement lets you edit both text and isobare

How to edit a PDF

For Example, you wrote a serious scientific work and want to send it to the conference. Or just post online. Usually, organizations offer a choice between several formats for download, but if you want to document 100% opened on any device, better select a PDF.

Let's Say we are talking about patented technology, and all the documents you need to put a watermark, you can do PDFelement.

Uploaded the watermark and added it to all pages

Or other case convert. You often work with paper versions of documents, no matter in what field, be it consulting, healthcare or construction (especially construction). Sooner or later, all that has to be digitized, so to archive much easier. In this application there is the function of optical character recognition — it will recognize text (using OCR) and converts the document to PDF. Have fully digitized documents, which are not only easier to handle, but you can make many edits. You can also edit images and graphics in your PDF files.

Choose in the settings «Optical character recognition»

hours OCR depends on the size of the document

How to combine several PDF

Many are probably faced with the need to combine multiple PDF into one big PDF file. For example, if you are scanning a contract on one sheet, at the end you can download all the files in the app and concentrate them in a single document. To go to settings, drag the files to combine profit!

Merge PDF batch or set protection — everything can be done in one click

The application also provides advanced features for editing PDF. Among them, editing, creating, converting, annotating, password protection and signed the document. It is convenient and easy to use interface, and Microsoft Word users will generally feel at home. Some tasks can be done even on a device with iOS or Android, which is available .

Edit PDF text just like in Word

give yourself a note and come back to it later

With such a tool at hand, you can work with this format, as with the same .doc or .docx. The app itself is available in two versions: trial and paid. To familiarize yourself with the basic functionality and interface of the application, it is recommended to first download the test version from the Mac App Store (link below) and if you feel that you purchase the full. In the latter case, a flexible system of subscriptions (you can select the desired functions) for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Or to buy a perpetual version.

Download PDFelement 7


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