3 ways how to unlock Android without password


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3 ways how to unlock Android without password

It is Hardly necessary now to say that to use a password on your phone nowadays is very important. It does not matter whether the smartphone newfangled ways of unlocking with fingerprint scan, or other biometric data — a system, be it iOS or Android, you will be asked to enter the password to enhance security. But passwords have one major drawback: they are very quickly forgotten, especially if long time not to use the phone, and then turn it on and discover that without the password to unlock it will not happen. What to do in this case?

How to unlock an Android without a password

There are several ways to reset the password on Android. One of the options — to use the computer and service "Find my device". There you can choose your device from the list and click "Block." Since you are under your account, you will be asked to come up with the code to unlock your phone. After this unlock your phone with the new password and re-set the security settings. Or reset it completely on the same page.

One of the ways to reset the password

This method has two drawbacks. First, to apply these settings, it needs to be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network. In addition, it is necessary that the smartphone was tied to your Google account, and do not all. I, for example, is an old Crush, who was lying a few years without cause, he is to any service not connected.

The Second option, how to unlock Android without password — the Smart Lock feature which allows you to automatically unlock your phone under certain conditions, e.g. when connected to home Wi-Fi network. In this case, when you forget your pattern or PIN, just go back home, to unlock the phone without it. But again settings unlock need to ask in advance, but don't think about it when I use a smartphone, and all is well?

Smart Lock — not a bad output, but requires you to configure everything in ADVANCE

How to reset password on Android

In these cases you can use special programs that perform password reset Android phone. One of them (Unlocker Android), allows to get rid of the passcode without much fuss. You just press a few buttons, and then the app will do everything for you. No need to surf the Internet and look for the manuals to some kind of phone app is smart, you will need a minimum of movements.

To initiate the password reset, download the app on your Mac or Windows computer and run it.

connect your phone to unlock

Then connect your phone, which you need to remove the passcode. After connecting the device click "Delete" to remove forgotten screen lock password.

After clicking on «Remove» start the reset password

Note that this process is irreversible — be careful because it will cause loss of all data on your smartphone.

the deletion Time of the data depends on the memory, usually a few minutes

To complete the reset, the application will offer to switch the Android device into recovery mode. The procedure differs for each model of the smartphone, but the app will show you how to do it for your gadget. Usually, you will need to hold down the power button and any of volume keys.

Follow the instructions in the application

Will perform the steps to restore to factory settings and restart the phone. Similarly, it is possible without a password from the phone.

Here, the developers attracted by the easy program just connected your smartphone or tablet and within a few minutes received the device without a password. Besides 4uKey eliminates the possibility of errors in the process of being reset. And even if you don't forget passwords, use a utility, for example, before selling on the Android phone. It is a good tool for removing all personal data from the gadget, which excludes recovery of data after a reset, even third-party applications.

You can download the free trial version or buy the utility for Mac or Windows. And with the promo code D5H2T8 you can do it with 40% discount. The application supports most Android versions, including the latest.

If you have forgotten your old Android, you are unlikely to remember this password


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