Overview Highscreen Power Five MAX 2: its exactly enough time


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Overview Highscreen Power Five MAX 2: its exactly enough time

We live in exciting times: daily through us is the huge amount of information — only bands social networks provide us a huge amount of traffic: streams videos, music, news reports, Twitter and a bunch of photos from . Such a data array, passed through a telephone, can in a jiffy to drain almost any battery. In the end we used to charge a smartphone for 2 times a day and live in short dashes from outlet to outlet. This vicious dependence on wires and plugs managed to solve the guys from Highscreen. They have equipped its new smartphone with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, which allows him to survive up to 2 days in the most intense mode of use. Meet — !

The Main drawback of smartphones with such a huge battery their size. Device with battery more than 3000 mAh look ridiculous and cumbersome, sometimes carrying such devices require a separate bag or very large pocket. But the guys from Highscreen managed to work a miracle. Smartphone Power Five MAX 2 has a thickness of less than a centimeter and has a battery of 5000 mAh. In fact, this smartphone is the most powerful smartphone that we had a chance to test it. In the regime of the ruthless exploitation of the device lives two days.

And it normally works... But, in addition to the standard, the unit can operate in a special mode. The latter converts the smartphone into austerity mode in which the device is off most of the features and makes the screen more washed out. This mode allows you to nearly double the life time of the device and receive instead of two days as much as four days of work. But on average about three days.

Unfortunately, removed the ability to charge other devices via OTG, and it is, perhaps, the main disadvantage (and almost only). In General the packaging device pleased: the manufacturer has not stinted on a nice silicone case, protective glass and powerful exercises. Cover is removable, and the battery to replace yourself you will fail, but you can expand your smartphone memory through the card slot microSD. In addition, here is another combo slot for a SIM card.

Both slots located at the top and work fine with Russian fourth generation networks.

The Body is made in the usual for this segment for the manufacturer design. Side frame aluminum back — a textured plastic cover, familiar to us from other smartphones of this manufacturer (the phone does not slip out of hands). The fingerprint scanner on the back. While he is tall, and some users have reach him. But the Power button is located in the very place where it should be. And she has a pleasant texture, which markedly distinguishes it from the volume buttons located on this side.

Very nice Tactile grip. It is moderately heavy (220 g), with aluminum sides and has a thickness of only 9.5 mm. It is thanks to these settings it feels like an integral, monolithic and strong smartphone.

From below — the micro-USB port (guys, what about Type-C) and... audio Jack 3.5 mm. it is for this low bow.

Of 5.99-inch screen neatly inscribed in a quite compact for a device with a battery of 5000 mAh case. equipped with IPS-matrix with Full HD+ 1080×2160, it is very good quality and has no spurious distortions inherent in some of the screens made using this technology. If you are accustomed to high PPI and can boast good eyesight, even if the pixels you won't be seen. The picture, like many IPS-matrix, looks overly bright and unnaturally juicy. To argue about how good this color or not, we're not going to, because visual perception is very subjective. For particularly demanding users, the developers have provided the ability to configure the adaptive brightness. And, to close the subject of the screen, it is worth noting his good behavior in the sun and a comfortable range of brightness. That is, the screen can be read in the dark and not blinding on minimum brightness.

Nice, but not very high by modern standards, the resolution has a positive side. The processor and videoskerala not have to handle the excess solution that has a positive impact on the performance of the smartphone. Five Power MAX 2 runs on an eight-core chip from Mediatek — MT6763V. It is quite fresh 64-bit chip that delivers a decent level of performance. As the accelerator in your smartphone uses a Mali-G71. RAM — as much as 4 gigabytes. The combination of such specifications allows the smartphone to easily handle all modern games without any problems. If we talk about the performance through the prism of the figures of the benchmarks in AnTuTu Power Five MAX 2 shows the result within 52 thousand points. In the test Geekbench smartphone is gaining a little over 5 thousand points in multicore mode.

Lack of performance the smartphone is not suffering both on paper and in real life. When performing everyday tasks is a device with a monster battery behaves cheerfully and does not lag. It is, first and foremost, the merit of the programmers and engineers of the company Highscreen who failed to fence the shell, and other unnecessary frills software on top of stock Android. Now run across fans custom recovery and scatter files, but let's leave that for other smartphones. The device is running an only slightly modified Android 8.1 Oreo and not eventhinks "to think". One of the interesting additions I would like to highlight support for NFC (Google Pay to help you), a wireless fast charging (up to 10W) and with a Pump Express 3.0. That is, your Crush will not only please long battery life, but also be rapidly charged.

It's time to talk about the camera. More precisely about the cameras. They, as usual, three: front 8 MP and basic 16 MP + 8 MP. Honestly, nothing supernatural, the camera does not stand out, the pictures are good in daylight good. However, he does not pretend to be a camera phone, though, in your head — for example, the side and PDAF focus.

Here are examples of shots on Five Power MAX 2

Example photo on the main camera Highscreen Five Power MAX 2 ()

Example photo on the main camera Highscreen Five Power MAX 2 ()

Example photo on the front camera Its Five Power MAX 2 ()

Example photo on the front camera Its Five Power MAX 2 ()

In the division of responsibilities sensors is a plus, and this leads to the fact that the pictures do come out well, but sometimes you can see a small distortion of the white balance in the direction of cold tones, and indoors photos are a little less contrast than you expect.

However, this device has been designed not to do so. Five Power MAX 2 rather reliable and reliable working tool that will long remain in service and will not fail at the most inopportune moment. And when you consider the low price of 17 thousand rubles, which at the current rate very little money, Highscreen Five Power MAX 2 looks very tempting offer.

To Discuss this smartphone, and other news from the world of Android, you can in our special .

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