The most important results the main presentation of Apple in 2018


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The most important results the main presentation of Apple in 2018

During its traditional September presentation, Apple introduced the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Xr Max iPhone and smart watch Apple Watch Series 4. Novelty pleased with design and functionality, and performance.

One of the most striking technological presentations of the year was seen in illustrated narrative resource — the new iPhone presented by Apple.

Appearance on the stage of the legendary head of the company Tim cook (Tim Cook) welcomed with applause.

He noted that in the year of the Apple stores visited by approximately 500 million people. In addition, the company has sold 2 billionth iOS device.


Apple Watch Series 4 submitted

The Apple Watch, says Tim cook, the clock became number one in the modern world. Apple Watch features a heart rate monitor allowing users to monitor their health.

Watches have become full-screen. Frames are generally invisible. Apple Watch Series 4 now officially presented. The screens began more than 30% more — 35% in version larger, 32% — version of a smaller size. As housing became less.

A Similar trend is observed for laptops. On the clock screen you can add favorite contacts.

Added a number of new ideas on the watch's screen. In the Digital Crown provides a tactile response.

Speaker — 50% more sonorous.

Chip S4 — with 64-bit dual-core CPU, and provided a new GPU. In Series 4 new — the accelerometer and gyroscope. Series 4 can determine a fall. Provides notification of a low level of pulse.

The Apple Watch can display heart rate in the background. Provided the electric sensor embedded in the back cover, which makes a cardiogram. Apple notes that this is the first consumer product that makes ECG.

It is Noted that all the data on fitness and health are encrypted on the device and in the cloud. Battery capacity is enough for a whole day of work the wearable device (18 hours, as before). But there are some feature — time exercises on the street now is 6 hours.

Series 4 will be available in three made from aluminium versions — gray, black and new — gold. Series 4 GPS — 399 USD. Version with support LTE — 499 USD. Sale of novelties will start on 21 September 2018. Series 3 — 279 USD and above.


Apple introduced the iPhone 2018

Saw the light of day three the new iPhone. iPhone Xs. And this "ten es" and not "x-es". There is a new gold version in addition to silver and gray. Watertightness — IP68. The screen — almost frameless as in the new watch Series 4.

The 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display. The second version is equipped with a 6.5-inch display. This — iPhone with the largest screen in the entire history of the line. On display — 3.3 million pixels. Called the new — iPhone Xs Max. Technically, the screens remains the same — 3D Touch, HDR, OLED, etc.

Both smartphones — with stereo sound. Face ID — in both models. The new chip A12 Bionic was the first in the industry 7-nanometer chip, found a use in smartphones. 6-core CPU, 4-core graphics processor. 6-core CPU — two cores with high performance and energy efficient four. 5 trillion operations per second. The neural engine directs traffic to the CPU, which will cope better with this task. Multitasking and running applications — 30% faster.

A Key feature is the machine learning — Siri Shortcuts, which we discussed back in June at WWDC. And, of course, the camera has Animagi and portrait mode and augmented reality effects.

Neural engine Core ML is open for developers. Core ML plays a huge role in the creation of augmented reality effects. Comes with the new iPhone and the next version of iOS with many new features.

Record stereo sound. iPhone Xs running on battery for 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X. iPhone Xs Max — iPhone with the largest battery in the history of these smartphones. The support for Dual SIM in conjunction with the eSIM.

The Public is reminded once again that Apple is including it campus, runs entirely on renewable energy. Apple moved away from the use of conventional plastic, preferring it to the recycle.

Came up with yet another smartphone — iPhone Xr. Watertightness — IP67. Display — LCD, as suggested earlier. The screen of the smartphone — a 6.1-inch with a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels. Supports Tap to Wake. Display more than the iPhone 8 Plus, but the smartphone more compact. Home button is missing, the Face ID is supported, as in the flagships. Chip — A12 Bionic, as in Xs and Xs Max. Camera with one 12-megapixel sensor and support for optical image stabilization. Flash — True Tone aperture — f/1.18.

On the front panel — camera TrueDepth. iPhone Xr will work from the battery for 1.5 hour longer than version 8 Plus. Six color options, three versions (64-, 128 - and 256-Gigabyte drives). The price starts at 749 dollars. Pre-orders will be accepted October 19, 2018, shipments will start on October 26.

The Minimum price of the iPhone Xs Max — 1099 USD. iPhone Xs — a maximum of 512 GB drive. The price of this model in the minimum configuration — 999 USD. iPhone 8 will cost 599 USD iPhone 7 — 449 USD. The beginning of deliveries — September 21 of this year. From 28 Sep new items become available on a greater number of markets.

TvOS gets Dolby Atmos upgrade. This update and the updates for HomePod — Monday, September 17, 2018. Will be released the final version of macOS Mojave.

Discuss new Apple readers can .


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