Samsung has developed an "unbreakable" display for smartphones


2018-07-27 03:30:06




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Samsung has developed an

The American branch of Samsung Display has developed a new screen module for smartphones, demonstrates a surprising level of strength. The development underwent a series of endurance tests and meets all the standards of the Ministry of defense, reports the news source. Samsung calls the new module "unkillable". But is it any good really?

The Module consists of a flexible OLED screen and a plastic substrate, making it a much stronger combination of glass and OLED panel, which is used today in many devices. Despite the fact that Samsung has developed a new module in the first place specifically for smartphones, the company is considering the possibility of its use in other electronic devices (including instrument panels of cars and even military gadgets).

Testing the new module for strength was conducted by specialists of the company Underwriters Laboratories (UL), dealing with issues of standardization and certification in the field of safety. Within the drop-test module has been dropped 26 times from 1.2 meter height. No injuries were reported. Successfully completed a drop test and a 1.8-meter height, as well as various temperature tests. These results indicate that the module is fully complies with military standards that UL uses.

Samsung Display published a video which shows how the module without problems takes some pretty serious blows with a hammer (to test its strength so in real terms we would still not recommend). The company noted that despite its strength, the new display is as light as the screens that use glass as a protective shell. A new module on readability is not worse than the last.

The advantages of using a heavy-duty plastic panels instead of glass obvious. Even more obvious they become if the device is dropped on a hard floor and a headache from knowing how much you will have to pay for the repair of the glass device. Of course, the problem can be solved by purchasing a special secure smartphone, but frankly, none of them offers a glossy and pleasant appearance of the same Galaxy S9 or iPhone, however, as any other phone from other companies.

Information about when a new display module will go into mass production Samsung Display has not yet reported. It is possible that the new module will be part of future smartphones the Galaxy S10 or mysterious Galaxy X device rumored flexible smartphone Samsung.


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