Why yawning is contagious?


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Why yawning is contagious?

Each of us knows from experience that if you make at least a small yawn even in the smallest team, then you can start a whole chain of this strange but amusing phenomenon. Moreover, some people simply think about this soothing process, as already after a few moments, they become the victim. Have you ever wondered what is the origin of this weapon of mass destruction? If Yes, then scientists have the answer to this long-troubling question of humanity.

Why do people yawn?

According to scientists, the emergence of contagious yawning due to the presence of such human qualities as empathy. The process of yawning in its context is a specific sign of non-verbal communication. In other words, the normal yawn may show that a particular other person is on your emotions and ready to listen to you.

Yawning man

In addition, the study conducted in 2010 at the University of Connecticut, it was revealed that children , much less subject to attack collective yawn. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that for violation of the ability to empathize, and empathy are violated and brain connection responsible for the perception of certain mass-occurring actions, one of which is contagious yawning.

People without any violations is almost impossible to confront this phenomenon. Perhaps it is for this reason, exploring the process of yawning, the researchers decided to determine a yawn as a special reflectory reaction caused by oxygen starvation. In other words, when we get tired, bored or want to sleep, our brain needs large quantities of oxygen than normal.

What «chameleon effect»?

it looks like the chameleon.

In the scientific community there is such a thing as unconscious mimicry. For a simple layman, this concept means nothing, so this property is often referred to as the chameleon effect. According to the theory about the chameleon effect, people often unintentionally borrow from each other some of the everyday properties, such as gait, gestures or even just a particular position in a meaningful human moment. For example, it is often possible to notice how the two interlocutors take the same body position in space, while making it completely unconsciously.

Why do people copy each other

Researchers believe that the fault is special in the brain that are responsible for learning and self-knowledge. Such neurons are called mirror. Thanks to their presence, we have the ability to copy what others are doing. So, with the help of this type of neurons a person has acquired the ability to comprehend science, to write and copy the information from their own comrades during the comprehension of most of these Sciences, and all this in order to then transfer the acquired knowledge to a new generation.

Furthermore, the chameleon effect proves that people, in essence, is a "gregarious animal". Or social entity, if it makes you more comfortable to read. Unconsciously copying other people's properties and skills, we become more advanced as a species that gives many important advantages for survival in nature.

Note: the Symptoms before

In Other words, contagious yawning is important for human life and further evolution. If you add up all the above, it becomes clear that in nature nothing is random and unnecessary. Even such a simple element in the form of yawning and its incredible infectivity can tell us about ancient evolutionary processes that occur within us even when we ourselves don't know about this.

Do Not be surprised if some of you just yawned while reading this text. I hope that you are just caught on the hook of this curious phenomenon, but not from what you didn't like my article.


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