1600 HP for $ 3 million


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1600 HP for $ 3 million

In 2017 hypercar Koenigsegg Agera RS set — moving the highway of the state of Nevada, he was able to get it up to 447 km / h. It seems that very soon this record will be broken, because at the Geneva international motor show was presented the updated version of the hypercar Jesko. The manufacturer claims that the car can reach speeds of up to 483 kilometers per hour, and depending on the technical equipment of the product, is willing to believe. So what is inside this "beast"?

The Car is propelled by an advanced 5-litre V8 engine. He got a completely different turbochargers, a more accurate pressure control system and a flat crankshaft. The mass of the crankshaft is equal to 12.5 kilograms and has its neck located at an angle of 180 degrees. The new design provided a fast response on the gas pedal and made the engine sound more sonorous and enjoyable. Flat crankshafts, usually heavily vibrate to keep it to a minimum, engineers have reduced the weight of connecting rods and pistons, and also introduced active support.

On regular fuel, the engine produces power equal to 1280 horsepower. The most interesting thing happens when you use ethanol E85, the power of up to 1600 horsepower. Special attention is nine-storyed "machine" Light Speed Transmission, which selects the most optimal for quick acceleration gear. switching does not exceed 30 milliseconds, and the weight of machine — 90 kg.

Body-Jesko Koenigsegg monocoque is made of carbon fiber and slightly longer and taller than the model Agera RS. The engineers have tightened the suspension arms and shock absorbers equipped with electronics and a horizontal damper moved to the front axle to hypercar didn't squat under acceleration. When you reach the speed of 275 kilometers per hour, the aerodynamic elements of the car generate 1 ton of clamping force.

Among other special features is to provide automatic doors, hood and rear spoiler, wireless charging for smartphones and digital dashboard with special software. Edition car Koenigsegg Jesko will be only 125 copies with a cost of $ 3 million.

Would you Like to acquire such a car? What do you think of him? Your opinion feel free to share in the comments and don't forget to join in where there are constant discussion of breaking news of science and technology!


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