Twitch banned the payments to the crypt. Users resent


2019-03-25 14:00:07




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It Seems that the video streaming service Twitch, Amazon has disabled the payment of a subscription and . This was at the weekend wrote on Reddit user under the name f7ddfd505a. Prior to this, Twitch has provided the possibility of carrying out transactions in BTC and BCH using a processor BitPay, but now quietly got rid of it without prior notice. And I can not pay residents of any countries. As one of the clients he had to cancel all subscriptions and send the request to the company.

In 2016, for the services with the processing center Coinbase. And in September last year, former CEO, Matthew Dipietro joined CryptoStream Kin Ecosystem Foundation in the role of Director of marketing. Journalists Cointelegraph asked Twitch to comment on the situation, but still there was no information.

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Although about mass insanity is out of the question, companies with the relative frequency of stop working to the crypt. Just a few days ago, another Reddit user complained Streamlabs. According to his report, the popular streaming service among the users Twitch has also closed the opportunity to pay for the services of a crypt.

In June 2018 major travel booking website as a method of payment for hotels and airline tickets.

The More data you look at . About the possible impact of the action on Twitch cryptocurrency industry as a whole will help to know . Inside the courses, schedules and capitalization of the most popular designs. For the convenience of users, the price of tokens is displayed including in rubles.


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