Young genius: Satoshi Nakamoto studied at the University while working on Bitcoin


2019-03-23 20:30:07




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A Young genius that solves the problems of the world, left the University — is not a good script for a Hollywood Thriller. But was it so ? We'll never know for sure until he himself Satoshi or the best circumstance will not reveal the whole truth. And yet, based on his messages to the public, you can build some interesting theories.


Bitcoin is pairs

On the movements Nakamoto can be seen in the metadata wallpaperhow , published in October 2008 and March 2009. Among publications there are differences in daylight saving time (DST).

During his work on Bitcoin after October 2008 Satoshi most likely moved from the Pacific time zone in Mountain time zone. Apparently, it's changing the time on his computer.

The Creator of Bitcoin lived in North America, most likely in the United States. However, to exclude the possibility of manipulation of time zones is not worth it. Since October 2009, Satoshi wanted to make everyone think that he is in the UK. The developer has created commits in the repository cryptocurrency UK time (BST) from 21 October 2009 to 15 December 2010.

Source: Reddit

The Hole in this theory — Satoshi was active on the morning until seven in the morning. Yes, he could be «owl», but still the facts a little do not coincide with each other. But this pretty much confirms the theory that Nakamoto was a student. In March, April and may, he almost never appeared on the Internet, but in summer could devote themselves to the development of almost all free time.

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Acne Buterin developed at a very young age. If we extrapolate this to Satoshi, the Creator of Bitcoin can now be a little more than 30 years. Other interesting theories will be able to find in our .


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