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Over another week. For cryptocurrency market, she was successful — according to CoinMarketCap, over the last seven days Bitcoin has never dipped below $ 4,000. With the current course embarrassingly small. As an analyst at the Think Markets U. K. Naeem Aslam, in the end BTC will jump to 400 thousand. Also week remember new way of earnings on the cards, announcement Antminer Z11 for zcash for and achieve new heights Hasrat network .


What will be the global economy in 20 years? The opinion of the co-founder of Ethereum

Joseph Lubin visited the SXSW Conference, where he shared his thoughts about the future of the global economy. According to him, in the next 20 years the world markets will grow at least 10 times. The best part is that this will take part, and blockchain, which will actively help financial segment.


mining: how you can still profit from their graphics cards?

If the current exchange rate of the cryptocurrency does not allow mine mountains of gold, it is not necessary to throw the GPU in the trash. Soon the power of the graphics cards will be able to pass in a cloud rent to the owners of weak devices. Due to this, gamers will enjoy smooth picture with good resolution, but fans of mining will profit.


Bitmain Antminer presented Z11 for mining zcash for. Performance, profitability and settings ASIC

In the week of Chinese Bitmain announced a new ASIC miner. Antminer Z11 is compatible with the algorithm Equihash and aimed at production . The model 142 produces KSol/s in performance mode consumes 1673 VT. Earnings per day under the current terms, exceed $ 16. The device will pay for itself in 2.5 months.


the Rise of BTC is ahead of the rate of price rise of cryptocurrencies. What does it mean?

The Number of users of Bitcoin is growing, but the rate of the coin remains unchanged. Most likely, nothing to worry about, because the figure was increased during the bearish trend from 2014 to 2016. It is better to pay attention to the transaction volume and their ratio to the number of active addresses. The graphics in the article.


conspiracy Theory: Satoshi Nakamoto could develop a mechanism for the destruction of bitcoins

Within the community and spread the rumor about the possibility of remote destruction of the BTC. Contributed to quote Satoshi Nakamoto, who clearly wanted to protect the coin holders from theft. It seems that to reach this result and failed.


coming Soon Bitcoin will grow at least 25 percent. How and why?

Trader Filb Filb noted the presence of positive signs on the big timeframe cryptocurrencies. For example, it monitors the ratio of longs to shorts on Bitcoin. If the experts are correct, soon the first cryptocurrency jump 25-50 percent.


Best in the world ASIC miner was a divorce, and its manufacturer, Fantom

The Company OnMiners from Monaco spoke about the creation endothermic ASIC miners. They are supposedly digging Bitcoin, Litecoin, and even . Later it turned out that on the manufacturer's website are a riot stock photos, and articles on major resource simply does not. Here pomylili.


Hasrat Bitcoin peaked for 4 months. The confidence of the miners is growing

The Crisis of mining Bitcoin and other coins like ends. Hasrat network home cryptocurrency is growing and has set a record for the last four months. The figure was 52493 PH/s.


When Bitcoin will grow to 250 thousand dollars? Reply venture capital investor

Tim Draper also believes the current exchange rate of BTC is low. The legend of niche venture capital investment trusts in the coin for 250 thousand dollars — it is supposed to happen by 2023. In this case, the niche capitalization will exceed 5 trillion dollars and will take 5 percent of the world economy.


How much you earn: mining-pool 2Miners revealed income last month

Representatives published a report on earnings and benefits over the last thirty days. It's not done just so, and in order to increase the transparency of the segment of the cryptocurrency. In the opinion of management, the indicators should not be a secret.


Take the above: what will be the new price highs the most popular coins?

The well-Known trader ScienceGuy9489 spoke after a half year of silence on Twitter. The reason for returning the cool — the expert has tried to predict the maximum courses the top coins at the following Bollene. For example, in the long run it will jump up to $ 650. And Bitcoin is still better.


4000 — nothing. Bitcoin will definitely grow to 400 thousand dollars

The Week ended with a positive Outlook from Naeem Aslam. Analyst allows the growth of BTC in a hundred times — if history "tends to repeat itself". The number he took from the air, and received on the basis of mathematical calculations.


Where the potential growth niche cryptocurrency? Reply Tom Lee

Known in the cryptocurrency community for its forecasts prices co-founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee called for the transmission of CNBC Crypto Trader. Along with leading a Ranom Namerom he discussed the issue of the predictions of the courses, and even to...

Binance runs from regulators, but in the end will lose. Report MIT

the world's Largest crypto currency exchange is playing a dangerous game with the regulators. She continues to work as if the market is still bullish, that is, including increasing the capitalization at the expense of ICO. The experts at MIT believe ...

Fasten your seat belts: soon Bitcoin will jump to $ 5,500

smell that? Hopes for growth among the majority of traders are slowly returning. Yeah, still not broke up, however, this event can already happen in the very near future. Analyst under the name GalaxyBTC argues that the main cryptocurrency will cross...

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