In the Netherlands opened the world's first "floating" farm


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In the Netherlands opened the world's first

We have already wrote many times about , but perhaps we have never touched upon the subject of the floating farms. Imagine they exist! In addition, one of such places is located in the heart of Western Europe — in the Netherlands. Right next door to the largest European port in Rotterdam is a futuristic platform to supply all its residents year-round access to clean water, fresh grass and other “culinary delights”.

which has built a floating farm?

It would Seem that what animals need to be outside of their usual habitats? It would be possible to build quite a modern farm, and on the ground. Well, according to the developers of such an unusual project, just still in the ground and the case. The Netherlands — a small but rather densely populated country, already coming up with options of how to maximize the use of the entire available area.

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In order to provide maximum comfort to its inhabitants, the platform has a special “green acres”, on which the animals can withdraw when sicken a constant view of the ocean. In addition, the farm can accommodate 40 cows, which can produce over 1000 litres of milk a day. In other words, thanks to such an unusual organization of space, scientists expect not only to deliver the first experiment in order to see how the future will be to develop agriculture, but also to the people of Rotterdam could obtain permanent and eco-friendly food.

Despite a number of advantages of building a unique farm entrepreneurs believe that the main sources of income of the “farm of the future” will be not even the production of milk and its tourist appeal. Besides the tourists, to observe the life of cows can pupils and students.

As you consider whether to replace the artificial environment natural? Share your opinion in our .

is it Possible to grow trees on a floating platform?

It is Possible. Only artificial. The fact that the creators of the project are not ready to wait for the time when I can grow enough project plants. In order to reduce the need for animals in flora, entrepreneurs have decided to set on the platform of its artificial counterparts.

do cows get sea sick?

Despite the fact that about a third of the respondents regarding the construction of such an unusual structure expressed positively, the other two-thirds of respondents consider the idea of floating farms frankly delusional lesson. The fact that more reliably is not proven whether the animals have preconditions for the emergence of sea-sickness. If so, then the project may be under threat of closure due to inhumane treatment . However, whatever it was, a collaboration of scientists and entrepreneurs, this fact does not stop. In the near future, the researchers want to launch the project of floating greenhouses and fish farms for the chickens.
Such a farm will not only swim along the coast of the Netherlands. According to the creators, cows and chickens can become normal travelers, by their example, promote a new type of agriculture in the future.


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