Tesla has collected a total of 260 cars Model 3


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Electric car company Tesla at the end of July delivered the first batch of the new "budget" sedan Model 3 those who managed to make a new pre-order before anyone else. It was expected that the pace of these deliveries in the coming months will increase dramatically. According to the plan of Elon musk, the company was going to produce about 100 cars in August and 1,500 in September and nearly 20,000 in December. This was planned to reach a production of 10,000 electric cars of this model per week in 2018. But, apparently, these plans failed completely. At least with regards to this year.

In a published report on the production and deliveries for the third quarter of this year, says that Tesla has produced only 260 EVS Model 3 and delivered to their customers, only 220 of them. The company said that the reason for the delay is the low efficiency of certain components of the production chain. While most of the production lines in California and new megafactories Gigafactory in Nevada operating at full capacity, some production chains took more time to deliver the desired equipment and parts for the new elektrosetey.

"it would be Important to emphasize that there are no fundamental problems with the Model 3 production or supply chain we have," — commented Tesla.

"We understand that to be corrected, and confident that we will be able to cope with bottlenecks in the production chain in the near future".

For Tesla the third fiscal quarter was the best in respect of the supply of its models Model S and X. it is Expected that by the end of the year the volume of deliveries of these models will exceed projections by several thousand cars. However, the company has not yet reported when the production Model 3 will be released on the promised level, but definitely at least those who managed to pre-order this model, but still didn't get it, I would like to solve this problem as soon as possible.


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