The differences in the displays of the Tesla Model 3 and Model S/X


2017-07-31 17:00:05




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Elon Musk (Elon Musk) Tesla Model 3 many wrote in the Network. The greatest attention was paid, of course, handling characteristics and design of a new car. But the computer component of the modern vehicle is also very important. And above all, the user sees the screen and its interface. These novelty value and was associated with the display of the Model S and X.

On the resource The Verge Lauren Goode (Lauren Goode) shared his impressions about the interior design of the new Tesla Model 3, which has become one of the most impressive technological innovations of the summer. Apart from delight, from the sophisticated minimalism of the interior car and trim the tree it dashboard and other subtleties that can please the true connoisseur of beauty, it is important to stay on the computer component of the high-tech car.

An Important role in driving plays his computer. And the display is a significant component of the interior of a Model 3. What is the display car Model 3, which in the basic configuration costs 35 thousand dollars, from Model S and Model X?

The Most obvious difference — display Model 3 is oriented horizontally, while the display of the Model S and X are arranged vertically. Screen Model 3 is less than — only 15-inch compared to 17-inch display Model S and X. It protrudes from the dashboard, and not embedded in it.

When the Tesla employee was asked about the software under which a computer works probably the most interesting car of the summer of 2017, they were given the answer that we are talking about the updated Linux kernel, but other details unknown to him, according to Lorin goody.

The User interface screen Model 3 is markedly different from the user interface of the Model S. And this is not surprising, given that the display is positioned horizontally, not vertically. During the test drive map occupied most of the display space, which was lacking during the test drive Model S.

Indicators and measuring instruments are not behind the steering wheel and to the left of the screen, allowing you to see the speed and digital display of the car Model 3 and other cars on the road beside him.

Additionally, it is also noted that, in contrast to the display interface of the Model S and X, the menu bar is at the bottom, not the top of the screen. And, also unlike the display Model S and X, which are translated in dual view mode, the interface Model 3 allows you to display three Windows — the main form, indicators and measuring instruments to the left and an additional window for the application, for example, to select the music being played.

When switching options music during the test drive it is possible to make so that the application took more than previously, a portion of the screen. You can then swipe again to make the app began to occupy less space on the screen, displaying only the controls selected and recent tunes.

What are your first impressions of the screen the new Model 3?


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