How to charge your Tesla?


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How to charge your Tesla?

If the cost of electric vehicles, whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, has gone by the wayside, the long charging time still remains a significant problem. Not waiting for a breakthrough in the industry of batteries, Tesla, the head of which is Elon Musk, earlier this year announced its intention to reduce the charging time of electric vehicles to 5 minutes. And she did it!

Recall that March of this year Tesla introduced a network of stations to recharge the cars called V3 Supercharger, designed specifically for charging batteries of electric vehicles Tesla Model 3. However, such charge is found only in California — the world's more common Supercharger the Supercharger V2.

Quick charge Tesla

The Power of fast-charging Supercharger first generation is limited to 120 kW Supercharger V2 already capable of producing power up to 150 kW, but this value is greatly reduced if one charge connected to several cars. The first iteration allows you to use the current power up to 250 kW: almost twofold increase in capacity achieved through new cable design, which now uses liquid cooling. But the main advantage compared to the Supercharger V2 — such stations do not need to distribute the power between multiple cars, so customers will always be able to receive maximum charging power.

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How much Tesla is charging

Charge Time Tesla can be clearly seen on the example of Model's:

  • Conventional charging Mobile Connector (standard) — 29 hours
  • the
  • Mobile Connector using a special adaptor, power sockets NEMA 14-50 and modification of grid — 9 hours
  • the
  • High Power Wall Connector + Twin Chargers (a device to accelerate charging) — 4.5 hours
  • the
  • Supercharger V1/V2 (up to 120 kW) — 1.5 hours
  • the
  • Supercharger V3 — 50 minutes

Mobile Connector — in fact, charging from a regular outlet, so this is the longest way, and you lose access to the car for more than a day. He's the most accessible: for example, the owners of the Model 3 should pay for the charging with the Supercharger — $ 0.28 per 1 kWh (about $ 20 per «tank full»), while the average cost of 1 kWh in the United States — $ 0.08. For drivers of Model S and Model X fast charging is available for free, others, it turns out, it is cheaper to charge your vehicle at home. But it will be noticeably longer.

However, if to compare to refueling a gasoline or diesel fuel, 50 minutes to charge — is also very long. It is unclear what the owner will do all this time, considering that a fast charge are set away from shopping centres, cafes or restaurants.

They just sit an hour in the car and charged (Spain, a suburb of Barcelona)

The Main feature of the charging stations Supercharger V3 — they are capable of providing a peak charging power of up to 250 kW. Because of this in just 5 minutes you can increase the reserve of electric 120 kilometers. Subsequently, the charging will not happen at peak capacity, and at 150-200 kW.

How to charge your Tesla at home

In homes most often is either Mobile Connector using a special adaptor, power sockets NEMA 14-50 and modification of the electrical outlet or Wall Connector . The latter offers a faster charging time than the Mobile Connector — up to 40 amps most of the Tesla vehicles, while the Mobile Connector issues a maximum of 32 ampere.

How to charge a Tesla at the Mall

It all depends on the specific location, but often in malls can be high find the High Power Wall Connector, much less — Supercharger V1 or V2. So fully charge Tesla will succeed is that only in the case if you watch the uncut version of «Avatar». And you'll have another restaurant to go.

somewhere you can still find a fast charging — true, it often is limited to 120 kW (V1).

Normal charge for electromobile (50 kW). With such a Tesla will charge for a long time.

How to change the batteries in Tesla

Tesla is considered the leader and the main innovator in the development of electric vehicle technology and charging batteries. For example, the company even offers the service of complete replacement of the power subsystem in case of its damage. At special stations to replace the battery pack takes only 90 seconds. We use a specially developed platform for lifting the vehicle, which is equipped for removing and installing the battery. Using clamps and wrenches the battery is removed from under the car, and then retracts under the platform for further recharging. And in its place installed a fresh battery.

Not a single Tesla?

Other manufacturers are trying to catch up with a company out of California, but they suck at it. Now the most popular charging station using technology that is based on the Japanese CHAdeMO standard and offer a current output of 50 kW. Even the new SAE standard J1772, which was completed not so long ago, offers more than 100 kW. Recall that BMW and General Motors are developing a new charging system that is based on the standard SAE J1772. Yes, there are exceptions — for example, stations Electrify America, developed by Volkswagen, deliver 350 kW of power, but have issues in cables, so at the beginning of the year, it was reported that these charging stations had to be closed temporarily.

by the Way, Volkswagen alarm just scored supplier of cables: according to him, the problem lies in the cables with liquid cooling, and is described as "a security issue".In other words, VW has recognized this method of charging is unsafe. But Tesla is not prevented.

Tesla's battery capacity superior to the counterparts established in the competitive electric vehicles more than tripled. That is why Tesla is promoting its technology is so aggressive, said Arindam Maitra, senior Manager, electric power research Institute.

According to him, the key to success is that the company Tesla designs and manufactures all the necessary components yourself. This will allow the company to promptly improve the performance of charging stations and batteries.

And it's even faster?

The Main problem is fast charging at the moment is the overheating of the batteries. In order to prevent overheating, external charger every millisecond analyzes the battery status and monitors main parameters (voltage and temperature).

Work on the charging station and the battery needs to remind the coordinated work of the movement. It was then that everything will work out.

To achieve this goal will require not only significant improvements in stations to recharge, but also improve the interaction with the electrical network. Tesla also plans to circumvent the problem of the increase of prices at the charging stations, which will arise as a result of modernization, by installing solar panels. The company opened the first station of fast charging Supercharger in September 2012. Since then, the U.S. was opened on 12 888 points fast charging and 1441 worldwide — among them the Supercharger V1/V2.

By the Way, Tesla now than Chrysler, Land Rover, Volvo and many others

In the next 2-3 years Tesla can also release the first charging station with a capacity of 350 kW (as they are called? V3s?). And 5 minutes of charging is not enough for 120 kilometers, and 200 kilometers (now Model 3 fully charged from V3 in 37 minutes). The only problem is that such installations are too expensive: not always meet conventional Supercharger, not to mention V3. However, it is a big stone in the garden of petrol and diesel cars. Went to electric vehicles if they were charged while you are in the supermarket? Write in our .


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