WSJ: In rockets, the Falcon 9 has detected a defect


2017-02-05 16:30:04




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The boosters of the Falcon 9, produced by the American company SpaceX, is not always fly well. The last misfortune befell one of them in September 2016, after which SpaceX has halted the launch and began to look for defects in the design. It turned out that the missiles had problems with a tank top step. Together with the internal investigation was conducted and a government inspection that was conducted by the U.S. government. According to the results of the inspection a report which says that the Falcon 9 design is imperfect and there are systemic defects.

Among other things, the document reportedly noted cracks in the turbines, the fuel feed to the engines. The full report by results of check the audit chamber of the USA has promised to unveil in the next few weeks. SpaceX noted that the engine is sufficiently strong and they have a large supply reliability. However, representatives of the company promised to make changes in the design of the missiles and to finish all that in the future such defects did not appear.

The next launch SpaceX is scheduled for February 14. During the flight the Dragon truck will deliver equipment and provisions to the ISS.


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