United Arab Emirates plan to build a city on Mars


2017-02-15 13:00:05




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United Arab Emirates plan to build a city on Mars

Only some 40 years ago was a small settlement, which is inhabited by the pearl divers. And today it is one of the largest and most futuristic cities in the world, decorating a United Arab Emirates. Vanish into the clouds skyscrapers, fire, flying jetpack, and indeed, encountered at every step – all this makes Dubai a real city of the future. But as it turned out, the construction of such cities on the planet Earth, the UAE is already small, so now they are planning to colonize Mars.

Yesterday during the summit of heads of state, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum announced the new project, whose goal is the establishment of a community and the erection of a small city on the surface of Mars. However, to participate in the project will be several countries and not just the UAE, as international cooperation is crucial for such big projects.

"We've always strived to do great things, so me and my brother Mohammed bin Zayed (the first President of the UAE and crown Prince of Abu Dhabi) decided that the UAE will join the global effort to send humans to Mars", — officially announced al Maktoum.

The First Martian city planning is called Mars 2017 in honor of the year of the promulgation of this incredibly ambitious project. Of course, the construction will start in the distant future, and the head of the UAE understands and acknowledges that "today, he just planted the seed, and reap the rewards of this undertaking, most likely, will have his descendants". Mars 2017 for its size is comparable to the American Chicago, but to live in it will be about 600 000 people.

Like any other project of colonization of Mars, this also causes a lot of skepticism, despite the huge financial possibilities of UAE. Loud statements is one thing, but the implementation of the project in life – is quite another. On the other hand, if the United Arab Emirates really are serious, who knows, maybe they do have something. So watch out Elon Musk!

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