#video | Incendiary aerobics from the robot-spider company Robugtix


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#video | Incendiary aerobics from the robot-spider company Robugtix

Until the day when our houses will be promised to us fantastic works of personal robotic assistants is still far away, but now there are many examples of the use of machines in different work areas, for example, in power plants. Continues to develop , robots that can change their shape, flying robots, but a Hong Kong company Robugtix saw a market niche industry and successfully it fit a few years ago.

Today, the company decided to show its new development – a universal robotic walkers, small enough to fit in your bag, but can carry loads and perform other tasks assigned to it.

Robugtix develops realistic Vasilij robot spiders for several years. Back in 2013 we told you about . After the company introduced several other versions of the machine and for several years was quiet. As it turned out, Robugtix has decided to expand the scope of their interests and switch from entertainment to a professional. As a first attempt at writing one of these days .

Dimensions robot dimensions when folded is 20 x 23 x 13.7 cm, In this way it is possible to easily move to the desired location, and then spread out, putting it on between 6 articulated legs mounted on a Central rectangular block, which will increase its size to 52 x 49 x 17 cm

Z6 can be controlled remotely using a special remote control with a display that can make it useful for surveillance, research and rescue operations and many other tasks. Hexapod has a built-in camera which can transmit streaming video in real-time. In addition, the machine can fun to climb (or rather rolling) stairs, avoiding obstacles, to get to his feet when turning, and also to squeeze through a narrow space, move around the rolls, over rough terrain and carry small loads. The developer declares that the movement speed of Z6 is about 30 centimeters per second.

In the design of the Z6 uses 18 servos with three degrees of freedom on each leg. In addition, the machine has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, and in each limb are sensors that determine a contact with the surface. The system works on the basis of more advanced (compared to used in consumer options robot spiders Robugtix) software Bigfoot Robotics Engine Pro.

"working Time from the battery depends on the performed tasks. In particular, we are talking about the types and duration of the performed movements, as well as the weight that the robot moves. For example, climbing stairs requires more energy, in comparison with the conventional movement on a flat surface. It's hard to say specific numbers. During the same testing the average battery life was about an hour," — comments employee Robugtix Irene Khan.

The Company has developed a Z6 positions its product as a modular platform, capable of carrying a variety of light objects, for example, a web camera, special grippers and sensors, depending on the required tasks. Unfortunately, at the moment nothing is known about the availability and cost of new items. But as a consolation you can enjoy a rousing aerobics and agility of a new Z6 on the video below.

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