Google wants to "kill" the URL in the name of security users


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Google Engineers are going to arrange another reform on the Internet. The Google Chrome browser already eradicates the HTTP Protocol, marking using his sites as unsafe and forcing administrators to move to HTTPS encryption. According to Wired, before the end of the second half of 2019, the company will come up with a replacement for the standard URL.

The Company believes that it invented in 1990, way to go on the websites is outdated. With the development of the Internet, the URLS are longer, so users do not always see the address of the site completely. This could allow attackers to lure them to malicious sites, for example, changing the domain .com .biz. The victim may not notice the difference and to lose important data.

We want to come to what each user will be sure of the authenticity of the sites visited. The changes will affect how Google Chrome will display URL.

What will be used to navigate to sites — is still unknown. The company's engineers think about this for a few years and still have not come to a consensus. In 2014, the beta version of Chrome showed only the domain name of the website and the full URL was revealed only after clicking on the address bar. The experiment received the same ratio of positive and negative reviews, so the company froze him.

The Engineers admitted that they faced the same difficulties in the promotion of the encrypted HTTPS Protocol. In the end, the company received support from the developers of other browsers and technology companies.

It is believed that the alternative URL will not only increase security but also the usability of the Internet. Users no longer need to copy a long address and use sokratili links.

If you use URLS in its current form? An opinion you can Express in our


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