Microsoft will show the world its new gaming console in June


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Microsoft will show the world its new gaming console in June

The Next game console Microsoft codenamed Project Scorpio. For the first time about her talked about in the beginning of 2016, when many leaks, it became clear that the Redmond company plans to rebuff Sony with its improved model of attachment . The head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer during E3 2016 has announced that work on the new console really is, but the details did not disclose. However, according to yesterday's official announcement, in June we see the first working version of Project Scorpio.

Today on the console known to relatively few. We know that the performance of the graphics system will be close to 6 teraflops, which is roughly comparable to the Radeon RX 480. Scorpio, if you believe all the same Phil Spencer, will be the most powerful console on the market, about twice deliva PS4 Pro of the graphics power. The console will also be equipped with high-performance memory and for all get rid of a bottleneck in the person's esram used in the Xbox One. The console definitely will produce a 4K image without any tweaks (recall that PS4 Pro has resorted to so-called "chess rendering" 4K image). Backward compatibility with games for the will continue.

Curious detail is the support for future console games to virtual reality. However, it is not entirely clear what VR helmets can be connected to Scorpio. Personally, I have two assumptions on this. Either Microsoft will make a partnership with Oculus on the Rift headset, or present their own helmet. Especially in the past year, Microsoft has already introduced several variants of the budget VR headsets, which will produce a third party company.

Now we know that the new console Project Scorpio will show us very soon. This will take place on 11 June 2017 during the presentation of Microsoft at E3 2017. A powerful new console is always good. But will the Redmond giant be sure that it is running quite an interesting game releases? After all, without a strong gaming line, is able to show us all the delights of this iron, the prefix can be simply useless. The second issue is, of course, the cost. Given that we are promised powerful enough stuffing, the cost of the console is unlikely to be $ 300, but the price tag may be more than 500 or even 600 bucks. We all remember the sad story about how Sony is trying to sell his PlayStation 3 for $ 599. Now it remains to wait for June 11, and see with your own eyes.

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