New game console Xbox Series X from Microsoft will be released in 2020. What will Sony show?


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New game console Xbox Series X from Microsoft will be released in 2020. What will Sony show?

the appearance of the console Xbox Series X

Relevant in today's gaming consoles Sony and Microsoft's Xbox One was released in late 2013. Since then, it took more than five years and companies have time to release a new generation of consoles with an updated look and technical characteristics. The first decisive step in this direction was made by Microsoft in a special event officially announced their new generation device, which was called the Xbox Series X. According to the head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer, the novelty will receive more powerful technical stuffing, but most of the audience were surprised by the appearance of the console. The device resembles some sort of refrigerator on the Russian Yandex.The station that once gave rise to many jokes on the Internet. The public responded to the novelty almost as much as on .

We are All accustomed to the fact that the gaming console are produced in a rectangular form, and thin enough to be put on the shelf under the TV. Designers Microsoft abandoned this idea and presented a rather bulky compared to predecessors device. In their opinion, this form reduces the noise the console, but whether users are willing to sacrifice an extra place for the sake of peace? Yes, the Xbox Series X can be put horizontally and the representatives of the company stated this themselves. Only here in this form "fridge" prefix are unlikely to be put in a narrow shelf.

Really very similar to a refrigerator.

a New game console from Microsoft

As for power, the Xbox Series X will be four times more powerful than presented in 2017 for Xbox One X with improved characteristics. As the Central processor will be installed submitted in July 2019 AMD Zen 2 graphics facilities . The new chip is created for 7-nanometer process technology, whereas the previous generation 14-nanometer. It at least means that the console is much cooler under a high load.

According to the speed of data reading and writing will also be increased — that the company has achieved through the use of NVMe drives SSD. Unlike the old SSD, connect new to a completely different connector and in theory the speed of read and write can reach up to 3.94 GB/s. Also the new console will be applied GDDR6 RAM, which should reduce the load time of your console and enhance the performance of the games themselves. In particular, Microsoft representatives told about the support of the games in 8K resolution with frequency of 120 frames per second.

The Start of sales of the Xbox console Series X is scheduled for fall 2020. One of the exclusive games of the new items will be Senua''s Saga: Hellblade II, of the first part which we have already . According to the company, the trailer of the game is completely developed on Unreal Engine 4. You may think that all beauty is shown in the video is real and on the console, but believe it is not worth it. You need at least to wait until the game's release, but that date remains unknown.

The Console will be available for purchase along with a new gamepad. About it is little known. Of innovations while it is possible to indicate only the presence of the new d-pad and the Share button, clicking on which you can share with your friends screenshots and videos.

What will be the Sony PlayStation 5?

The fact that Sony is working on a new console with the PlayStation 5, first became known in October 2018. If you believe the rumors, the novelty will come around the same time as Xbox Series X — in the second half of 2020. However, the fact that the two main competing console out of the world almost at the same time, it is already a tradition. After all, you remember that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was released in November 2013? However, the actual production of the PlayStation 5 yet hardly begun, because earlier edition reported that the Assembly of components will start only in the third quarter of 2020.

Some details about the upcoming console, the time previously shared a Sony employee mark Cerny. According to him, the PlayStation 5 will run on the same CPU as the new product from Microsoft. We are talking about created for 7-nm 8-core AMD processor Ryzen microarchitecture Zen 2. As the graphics core needs to be Radeon Navi with the architecture of the RDNA in the resolution of 8K is also quite should be ensured.

With the memory, too, everything should be fine. If you believe the rumors, the company will waive the noisy hard drives and select a quiet and fast SSD drives. Due to this the performance of games will be several times more . This was shown to the journalists of Wired for example, a relatively new game about spider-man. She was running on the prototype PlayStation 5 and the most powerful at the moment modification PlayStation 4 Pro. So, relevant today console the loading time between levels was 8.1 seconds, while the next console uploaded the level for 0.8 seconds.

Estimated design PlayStation 5

As for the design of PlayStation 5 — official information about that, but there is a very interesting rumor. If you believe the staff portal , building a new generation of consoles from Sony alsois not as compact as its predecessors. Besides, judging by the preliminary images, he also has a very odd appearance — take, for example, the presence of V-shaped grooves on the top of the device. If we assume that Series X Xbox from Microsoft similar to the fridge, the novelty from Sony even looks like a space ship. As it turns out, 2019 and 2020 is the time of strange design decisions?

Whatever it was, the second half of the future 2020 promises to be very interesting. After all this time on their own will play the two most popular manufacturers of gaming consoles today. Anyway, I think we will not be bored in the first half of the year, because of rumors about upcoming new products will appear more and more.


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