The Bank had tested the delivery of Bank cards drones


2017-01-27 15:00:04




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The Bank had tested the delivery of Bank cards drones

Courier drones — very modern and perspective direction. Many large companies are now working on the development of infrastructure for UAVs and is funding a variety of developments in this area. It turns out that Sberbank is also not left behind and tested the delivery of Bank cards to its customers using drones.

Organized Bank meeting on blockchain systems, Dmitry Bulychyova, Director of projects at the Center of technological innovation of the savings Bank, asked whether the Bank to use drones.

«we had a pilot — drones maps delivered», — briefly, he replied to reporters.

Subsequently, the Bank employee explained that a year and a half ago, the Bank had tested a similar technology with the aim of exploring the possibility of delivery of banking products. It was recognized that mass to replicate the service then and is now impossible. The press service of Sberbank explained that currently the Bank does not consider the possibility of introducing such services seriously. At least now there is no need.

Of intent to use drones for delivery is reported and the «Russian Post». It is expected that the first test drone mailmen will begin in spring 2017.

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