Tesla proposed "instant" delivery Model 3, to boost sales


2018-09-10 15:45:04




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Tesla intends to accelerate the sales figures of its Model 3, and this will bring electric cars into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible — including non-traditional methods. Electrek found out that Tesla writes in an e-mail to those who did pre-order, the "instant delivery" of some rear-wheel drive Model 3 according to the principle "first get, first serve". Started with people who are waiting for their car from the first day of pre-order, but on 10 September, the chain expanded.

It is Not clear how many cars will be offered this way, but the company produces a batch of cars RWD Model 3, is not tied to specific clients. Obviously, some will be willing to buy the Model 3 right now, even if the configuration is not exactly what they wanted.


Tesla gains momentum

For those who are faced with months-long waiting, especially waiting for the base model for $ 35,000 US (presumably until 2019), but can afford to spend more, it will be good news. At the same time, it demonstrates the extent to which Tesla is trying to increase production and delivery. She wants to show that Model 3 is profitable (or will be), and ready to abandon the normal procedures to happen.

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