From Zurich to Milan: test drive the updated Lexus NX


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From Zurich to Milan: test drive the updated Lexus NX

6 March at the International motor show in Geneva took place . Novelty immediately attracted our attention still on the stand of the brand — largely due to the presence of a large number (for example, a separate electric motor to help the car on the roads and the new platform GA-C, which provided crossover ultra-low center of gravity). And now, after only a month we again got out to Switzerland to personally driving to make sure it was good .

The Route chosen was tricky. We had not only reached by the Lexus NX from Zurich to Milan (Italy), but also to test the capabilities of the compact crossover in different conditions and on different road surfaces to drive through the small towns of Switzerland (the speed limit without violating traffic regulations, and here it is possible to go broke) out on the highway, turn onto mountain road to climb to a height of 1500 meters. Experiences this trip has brought the sea, try a little to restrain emotions and tell about everything in order.


Began with the younger

To be honest, the weather in Zurich, we were waiting for a very different, and all of a sudden the whole night before the trip, it was raining, good morning, it was drizzling, and soon after the start ended. To start the test drive I decided the simplest version of the UX of 200 (Yes, we traveled not only on one car), which put new two-liter petrol engine with high thermal efficiency and CVT Multidrive. The power of the engine is 150 HP.

As it often happens, from very basic waited for the appropriate performance both in the exterior and in the interior. The surprise was, to put it mildly, strong, when discovered that in the basic configuration of the NX in fact there is everything for comfortable driving, and even a little more: led headlamps with a single lens, 8-inch color LDA–monitor on the center console, the touchpad Remote-Touch, water-repellent coating glass front doors, power tailgate with height adjustment and memory function, and the intelligent access system in the car and starting the engine by pressing the button.

The First thing to remark — the soundproofing, it was much better than last generation NX. Even when driving on the autobahn at speeds of 120 km/h in the cabin quiet, with the exception of only the wheel arches, where, in fact, is all the noise (though now it is a trouble even for premium cars). At low speeds the engine is not hear (even if you choose the driving mode SPORT), the characteristic “roar” appears on sharp accelerations.

Significant changes have been made and the suspension that was completely retuned. Even better she swallows the bumps and creates that same feeling of reliability when you are not afraid that another acquaintance with a hole in the road will end in tears (although in Switzerland the roads are much better, nothing to hide). Off-road with a ground clearance of 185 mm, of course, did not turn up, but Lexus has not positioned the car as an “phrasemes”.



Externally, the new NX was much more like the older RX and LX. The famous “lip” characteristic of the previous generation of the crossover was removed, the grille has become bigger and now boasts horizontal bars.

Led lights arranged in a triangle — they migrated to NX with LC coupe, which was first applied such an unusual decision. Optics, by the way, I learned to darken individual sections of the beam. We are not talking about matrix Farah, and a special runner — it casts a shadow at the right moment, moving in front of light sources. Also, the new crossover boasts an improved adaptive high beam.

Dynamic turn signals in the NX is located at both the front and rear, the rest of the differences on the exterior are not very many.



In the Lexus decided to remove a small 7-inch screen with wide side frames, replacing it with a stylish 8-inch display in the Junior trim and 10.3-inch in high. But the main difference — not the size, and the graphics interface: it has become much clearer and more stylish, no wonder it is also used in LC flagship coupe and the premium sedan LS.

Control Unit climate control now consists of four toggle switches that can be used “blindly” due to the small serif font. In General, the center console was much better designed and ergonomic.

the Stitching in the cabin is a special seam handmade by master craftsmen, Takumi — only they are allowed to the interiors of the Lexus cars.

However, with the exterior and interior of the car can anyone see, we've set ourselves another target — to test dynamics of the new NX. And I have to say, the simplest configuration NX 200 is more than enough for comfortable city driving. Where you need to be nimble — it will be accelerated, but should not expect miracles. This is a great option for the city, where, as a rule, the more you stand in traffic jams than moving forward. And in this case absolutely no difference how many seconds the car sprints to “weave” in the first place appreciate a smooth ride, comfort and economy (Eco mode driving to make it even easier).

All cars supplied for the test drive, was taken to Switzerland from Moscow on their own — on the road took almost three days.

Almost a third of the route (from Zurich to the Swiss Museum of transport) we ran a NX 200 and, given the urban limit of 50 km/h and 100 km/h on highways, felt very comfortable. Yes, the sudden overtaking lacked the “flavor” inherent in models with a capacity the power unit above 200 HP, but such situations are extremely rare. The rest of the smooth “boat” feels more than confident.



The Swiss Museum of transport decided to make a “transplant” — no, not on a train, and more drive package NX 300. Previously it was called the 200t, but the new generation Lexus NX has decided to abandon the literal prefix and to highlight the model. And the reason to do this was enough: the car has a petrol engine with a displacement of 1998 CC turbo 238 HP with all-wheel drive system and six-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission.

On the exterior and interior differences are minimal — the same aggressive grille, led headlamps with a single lens, touchpad Remote-Touch to access your media. But according to the dynamics of differences is enormous: turbocharged and extra “horses” doing the NX 300 is noticeably more interesting younger brother. Acceleration takes less time, and the roar from under the hood flies for more interesting — once you understand that you will be considered on the road.

In the case of NX 300 might not be implemented just on the principle of “here you have a lot of horsepower to cope with them.” No, the car is configured in such a way that all systems working in symbiosis, ensure a comfortable and safe driving, even at significant potential under the hood. It was particularly noticeable when driving on the serpentine near the village of Andermatt: here was important to go not only quickly, but carefully — to gorge less than two meters. Box working smoothly with the engine, was in no hurry to switch and if you felt that the “tear” is not yet come.


Sport — so Luxury

F Sport — a special modification of the NX 300 with the typical sports-oriented. Externally, the car is more similar to the previous generation of NX, while the exhaust pipes have increased, made more aggressive. Inside was placed a large with 10.3-inch display.

F Sport Luxury boasts led headlights and high beam with three lenses, a system of blind spot monitoring, assistance in / out of reverse Parking with the function of a visual alert and other useful features. That you are in the F Sport, known to all: the special logos are everywhere — from gear to steering wheel. Front bumper, grille, inserts of the interior — all exclusive to the F Sport. Even the first row seats made specially for this version — they are more ergonomic and have a better side support.

The Entire dynamics of the F Sport felt when you activate the driving mode Sport+: switching between gears become much longer, which positively affects the acceleration. While the comfort is again not affected — such is the phenomenon from Lexus. All the way from Andermatt to Milan Malpensa airport, we came on the F Sport and was incredibly surprised by the dynamics of the car. On the Italian highways are a little misbehave and even potholes with the Ferrari F12, which obediently moved to the right lane (“Oh, those Russians”).


Lexus failed

Remember, many were skeptical of the early design concepts Lexus — from the phrases “no it will not buy” to “choose the Lexus engineers axe”. And what do we see now? Stylish compact urban crossover that evokes sympathy as the exterior and interior. If to speak about dynamics, here everyone chooses for himself — for a comfortable city driving sufficient the simplest configuration (). For those who sometimes want something more, the possibility for 2 659 000 rubles to turbirovanie version with all-wheel drive, which will give “light” to many on the road. In the line there are all-wheel drive hybrid version, the NX300h, which will cost almost 200 thousand rubles more....


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