Intel bought manufacturer of technologies for unmanned vehicles


2017-03-14 10:30:04




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Intel bought manufacturer of technologies for unmanned vehicles

Intel bought the Mobileye is an Israeli company specializing in the manufacturing of chips for optical positioning systems for unmanned vehicles. First about the deal announced by the Israeli news publication, The Marker. Later on the agreement was confirmed both participating parties. The transaction amounts to $ 15.3 billion.

More recently, Intel and Mobileye have joined together to work on a new unmanned platform BMW iNext, which the automaker plans to put into operation by 2021. The project was created 40 Autonomous cars, testing them on public roads in the U.S. and Europe is scheduled to begin this year.

The Signing of a merger agreement was officially confirmed by the other day and, in the opinion of the management team Mobileye will have a very positive impact for their company. Earlier Intel said that going within two years to invest $ 250 million in technology development for unmanned vehicles, but the deal on the $ 15 billion is against this background, much more interesting.

"the Acquisition of Mobileye allows us to team up with a world leader in the manufacturing technologies of computer vision systems and share them with the Intel Xeon technology FPGA, memory XPoint 3D and 5G-modem", — says the Executive Director of Intel Brian Krzanich.

"This partnership will enable us to combine in a single chain system smart vision and "digital brain" that will manage the car."

Mobileye more than one year has been developing systems and microprocessors that enable vehicles to move on the roads in automatic mode and alert the driver about the dangers of a collision. Initially, the Mobileye chips for their system of unmanned control used by the company Tesla, but after featuring one of the cars Tesla Model S when the system is not able to distinguish literally crossing the road a truck and beyond it the sky, the partnership decided to terminate.

Intel's Interest in Mobileye can help her in competition against companies such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm. The latter also decided to invest their money in the development of the market for Autonomous cars.


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