Airbus stated about the readiness of the test-flying cars this year


2017-01-26 22:14:10




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Airbus stated about the readiness of the test-flying cars this year

As stated by the head of Airbus, Tom Enders, his Corporation formed under division Urban Air Mobility ready by the end of 2017 to start the testing of the first prototypes of flying cars. For this purpose the company has all necessary resources and developments in this field.

The assurances of the same Tom Enders, the aim of formed units is the creation of a «personal comfortable flying vehicle helicopter-type, capable of carrying one or two passengers or more», furthermore, such vehicles will have a maximum degree of automation, as compared to self-driving cars, but in the air. People, in the manner tested now in the Uber app, using your smartphone to order a «air taxis», which will take people to any part of the city. Airbus makes big bets on the use of air urban transport:

«About a hundred years ago the considerable part of urban transport went down into the earth. And now we already have all the features and technologies in order to raise some more of the vehicles above the ground. The use of air transport will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. First, it will help to reduce the burden on the land transport network and to improve the environmental situation in big cities, because flying cars Airbus tries to use environmentally friendly technologies. Secondly, flying vehicles will save huge amounts of money consumed for the creation of new and maintenance of existing infrastructure. In the presence of a flying transport, you don't need to spend more billions on the construction of new roads and bridges».

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