Race two self-driving cars ended in a crash


2017-02-19 18:15:38




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Race two self-driving cars ended in a crash

An International competition of unmanned vehicles Roborace in 2016 is the official racing event, the purpose of which — demonstration of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Today was held a race on a normal track Formula E in Buenos Aires, in which two unmanned prototype racing could compete.

Two unmanned auto racing was at a relatively low speed, but surely to demonstrate its capabilities could only one car came at a speed of about 185 kilometers per hour. The second unmanned vehicle never got to finish due to the fact that is not lost control, too abruptly beginning to rotate.

Event Organizers then said the advantage of drone racing, saying that the crash did not suffer any racer, but one thing is clear: the creators of software designed for crashed car, have to go.

The Car looks a little different from the usual, in the design of both cars still exist, for example, a seat for the driver, but during the competition the car seats were empty. The developers emphasize that the test model will be subjected to further modifications and refinements. Drone racing cars were tested on normal tracks before, but two electroblade on autopilot competed in such circumstances, for the first time.

Formula E — the FIA championship for electric racing cars, battery-powered and moving by electric drives.

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