10 strange objects that may exist in space


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10 strange objects that may exist in space

We are unlikely ever to explore the entire space. The universe is too big. Therefore, in most cases we have only to guess about what is happening there. On the other hand, we can refer to our physical laws and represent the cosmic body, of events and phenomena could really exist in the vast expanses of space. Scientists often do. For example, right now in the scientific community is actively discussing the probability of the existence of a large previously undetected planet in the Solar system.

Today we will discuss top ten most strange and mysterious objects that, according to scientists, can live in space.


Toroidal planet

Some scientists truly believe that space can exist on the planet in the form of a doughnut or a bagel, although such objects never seen before. Such planets are called toroidal, because the "toroid" — it is a mathematical description of the shape of the donut. Of course all the planets that we previously met, had a spherical shape, because the force of gravity pulling matter from which they are formed, inside their core. But theoretically the planet can purchase and the form of a toroid, if the same amount of force will be directed from their centers to counterbalance gravity.

Interestingly, the laws of physics do not forbid the emergence of toroidal planets. Just the probability of their occurrence is extremely small, and such a planet is likely to be unstable on geological time scales due to external disturbances. In General, to live on such planets will be at least very uncomfortable.

First, such a planet, according to scientists, will spin very quickly – a day and it will last only a few hours. Secondly, the gravitational force will be much weaker in the Equatorial region and very strong in the polar regions. The climate also will present its surprises: a powerful and destructive wind storms here are frequent phenomena. At the same time, the surface temperature of such planets will be very different from those or other fields.


moons with their own moons

Scientists believe that satellites can have their own moons which revolve around them as well as do planetary satellites. At least in theory, such objects can exist. It is possible, but requires very specific conditions. If in our Solar system, such objects do exist, it is likely located on the far borders. Somewhere beyond the orbit of Neptune, where, again according to the assumptions, may lie orbit "Ninth planet" (which we'll discuss below).

Now on special and very specific conditions under which such objects can exist. First, it is necessary the presence of a large and massive object such as a planet that its gravitational influence will not pull and push the satellite to the satellite, but not very much, because in this case it just falls on its surface. Second, the satellite, the satellite must be small enough so that the moon was able to capture it.

The Object of this kind is not necessarily isolated. In other words, it will be a permanent effect of the gravitational force of its "parent" of the moon, the planet around which this parent the moon rotates and the Sun, orbited the planet itself. This will create a very unstable gravitational environment for the satellite of the moon. That is why earlier, each sent to the moon an artificial satellite in a couple of years out of the orbit and was falling to its surface.

In General, if such objects do exist, then they must be far beyond the orbit of Neptune, where the effect of the gravitational force of the Sun is much lower.


Comet without a tail

You probably think that all comets have a tail. However, scientists have discovered one comet without it. However, researchers still are not sure whether or not this comet, asteroid or some hybrid of both. The site is called Manx (astronomical name C/2014 S3) and the composition is similar to that of rocky bodies from the asteroid belt of the Solar system.

Let's be clear. Asteroids are mainly composed of rock, comets are made of ice. The Manx object is not considered in this comet, since in its structure the discovered stone. At the same time, the object is not considered and pure asteroid, because its surface is covered with ice. Comet tail and no C/2014 S3 because of the amount of ice that are on its surface, not enough for his education.

Scientists believe that the Manx originates from the Oort cloud, serving as a source of long-period comets. At the same time, there is an assumption that C/2014 S3 is the asteroid-loser who by chance was in the coolest part of our system. Thus, if the last assumption is true, then the Manx is the first discovered the ice asteroid, if not, then we first we encountered a rocky tailless comet.


a Huge planet on the edge of the Solar system

Scientists have predicted the existence of a ninth planet of the Solar system. And since Pluto was demoted from that status in 2006, it is not about him. Hypothetical "Ninth planet" can be 10 times more massive than our Earth, scientists say. Researchers believe that the orbit of the object lies at a distance of 20 timesthe distance between the Sun and Neptune.

On the basis of observations of abnormal behavior and the characteristics of certain very distant from the earth of objects located in the Kuiper belt in our Solar system (beyond Neptune's orbit), scientists were able to calculate the estimated weight, size and distance to this hypothetical object.

According to scientists, if in fact there is no "Ninth planet" does not exist, the anomalous behavior of objects in the Kuiper belt can be explained only by some not detected massive objects inside this zone.


White hole

Black holes are very massive objects attracting and devouring any objects that are not fortunate enough to be near them. Everything, including light, is sucked into a black hole and cannot escape. The white hole in the theory work in the opposite direction. That is, they don't suck, and alienate the object, not allowing them to get inside.

Most physicists are convinced that white holes in nature, in principle, can not be. However, do not agree with the General theory of relativity, where these objects had been predicted. Some scientists still believe that white holes do exist. In this case, everything that approaches them, destroyed a very powerful amount of energy that these objects emit. If the object manages somehow to survive, approaching the white hole, the time for him will slow down indefinitely.

Such objects we haven't discovered yet. In fact, we haven't even seen black holes, but we know of their existence by indirect influence on the environment and other objects. Still, some scientists believe that white holes can be a reverse side black. And according to one theory of quantum gravity, black holes turn into white.



A Hypothetical class of asteroid whose orbit lies between the orbits of mercury and the Sun, scientists call vulcanoids. Vulcanoid still not detected, but some scientists believe their existence, since the search area (i.e. a place where they suspected to be) gravity stable. Stable gravitational regions often contain many asteroids. For example, a lot of them in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and in the Kuiper belt beyond the orbit of Neptune.

There is an assumption that vulcanoid often fall on the surface of mercury. That's why it cratered.

Inability to detect vulcanoid is primarily due to the scientists that find them extremely difficult to carry out because of the brightness of the Sun. None of the optics are not able to withstand such observations. At the same time, scientists attempting to search for vulcanoids during solar eclipses, the early morning and late evening, when solar activity is minimal. Are also finding these objects on Board research aircraft.


Rotating mass of hot rocks and dust

Some scientists believe that the planets and their moons were formed from hot, rapidly rotating masses of rocks and dust called Celestia. Celestial body turns into sinesti when its angular speed at the equator is higher than orbital velocity. Scientists have made such conclusions on the basis of computer simulation, which was carried out using the developed computer program HERCULES (Highly Eccentric Rotating Concentric U (potential) Equilibrium Structure of Layers), which can be used to examine the evolution of the heated rotating spheroid of constant density.

Most Often sinesti, scientists believe, occurs when faced by two rapidly rotating celestial body. The duration of the existence of this type of planetary objects is higher, the more they matter. Over time, experts say, sinesti stand out from the actual planet and satellites. This happens in about 100 years.

According to one hypothesis, our Earth, and the Moon appeared after the forming planet has hit a planetary object the size of Mars. This object is called Thea. After some time after cooling mass of the substance is split into the earth and the moon.


Gas giants, evolving into earth-like planets

Structurally, the main components of earth-like planets are the precious stones and metals. They have a hard surface. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars – earth-like planet. In turn, the gas giants are, in fact, out of gas. They have no solid surface. Gas giants of our Solar system are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Some scientists believe that under certain circumstances gas giants are able to transform into earth-like planets. Although precise evidence of the existence of such science yet, scientists call these planets are chthonic. According to assumptions of researchers, gas giants can become chthonic planets with a strong rapprochement with the stars of its system. The convergence of the gas shell will be blown away, leaving only the naked hard core.

What is the result itself will represent a planet scientists don't know. But I'm going to find out. Recently, scientists have discovered in the constellation of the Unicorn exoplanet Corot 7b. And as you might guess, scientists suspect that the planet belongs to the chthonic type. The outer shell of the planet is covered in lava, the temperature of which can reach 2500degrees Celsius.


Planet, which are glass rains

Moreover, rain is not solid glass, and liquid and hot. In General, the Outlook is not the most suitable for life. An example is found in 63 light years from us the exoplanet HD 189733b, which, like our Earth, has a bluish tint. At first, scientists speculated that the planet may be covered with water (hence the bluish tinge), but subsequent studies have shown that to collect the suitcases in a trip to our new house not worth it. Was that a tint of blue planet give silicate clouds.

Scientists still do not have confirmation of this, but there is a strong presumption that the planet HD 189733b often rains out of hot liquid glass, and the rains are down vertically, but horizontally. Why? Yes, because on the planet are blowing a monstrous wind whose speed is 8700 kilometers per hour, which is seven times more than the speed of sound.


Planet without core

Most of the planets have one common detail – solid or liquid iron core. However, scientists believe that there are planets that do not have a nucleus. There is an assumption that such planets may form in remote and very cold areas of the Universe, being located very far from their stars, where the light is so weak that it is unable to evaporate liquid and ice on the surface of only the formed planets.

As a result, the iron should flow to the center of the planet and form its nucleus, will react with ismanam supply of water that will lead to the formation of iron oxide. Scientists can not yet determine whether a planet outside our Solar system core. However, they can guess based on the calculation of the ratio of iron and silicates, the planet and the star around which they turn. If the planet is not the kernel, it will not have a magnetic field – it will be defenseless against the cosmic radiation.

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