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Japanese autogiant with the speaker called the Audio-Technica was founded in distant 1962, but to this day pleases us with interesting devices. Starting with the production of pickups for phonograph records, the company soon began development of portable turntables and professional microphones. It is now Audio-Technica is more known for its headphones: glory came in 2007, when the company released headphones for monitoring and mixing, ATH-M50.

But today we will not talk about this model (and not the successor to the ATH-M50X). Today's guest is no less worthy — that is , which will give odds to many competitors in its segment.



  • Beam: 45 mm, dynamic
  • the
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB
  • the
  • Impedance: 47Ω
  • the
  • frequency Range: 5 Hz – 45 kHz
  • the
  • Cable: interchangeable with A2DC connectors and remote, 1.2 m
  • the
  • microphone: condenser
  • the
  • Max power: 1,500 mW
  • the
  • Weight: 270 g

the package

In the signature box Audio-Technica is another (already black) box, which conceals the headphones are neatly Packed in a hard case with the logo of the manufacturer.

Actually, the last (and a 3.5 mm cable with the user manual) and is limited package contents ATH-SR9. In the removable ear pads need not here, as in the adaptors, which have in the Arsenal of every audiophile. The presence of removable cable can not but rejoice, because it is a real springboard for experimentation with sound. The cable, incidentally, is equipped with microphone and remote control playback — it provides easy connection of headphones to the smartphone.


design and ergonomics

With than the ATH-SR9 sure no problem, so it is with the design. Headphones produced incredibly efficiently — all parts fit with the precision of a perfectionist, and a large amount of metal in the construction makes it even more reliable. The weight is good, not much affected.

Headband and ear cushions made of leather. The bowls are large in size to even big ear fits in them without any problems — in this feature of models of monotone type. Put them on, and seem to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, alone with music. Due to the high quality of the materials used and decent ergonomics can sit in the headphones, many hours (most importantly, even after that, the head and the ears will not sweat).

The ear cups to measure solid — to and control over the bass was, and wasn't feeling that low-frequency "hammering in the skull". A comfortable fit is largely facilitated by the possibility to rotate bowl in both directions. Therefore, this model is suitable for the students with any size head and ears, what can be said about those in-ear headphones.

The Japanese at all lately pleasing design experiments, and it concerns not only audio equipment, and even cars. Design ATH-SR9 admirable first sight — a balance between convenience and futuristic very difficult to find.



If you look under the ear pads, you can immediately understand how technological . The voice coil is wound with wire made from oxygen-free copper OFC-7N for best conductivity and Hi-Res speakers with high-performance magnetic system with iron core to maximize the sound output. Membrane, incidentally, is coated with a special material, Diamond-like Carbon.

The secret of the success model not only in lightweight construction cups, but also in a lack of different rattles (again we must pay tribute to the build quality). The "heart" headphones are a 45-millimeter driver TrueMotion — they are particularly precise and smooth work on all frequencies.

But this technological "filling" of the headphone does not end there: not only is the sound at high frequencies is improved through the use of diamond-like carbon coating of the diaphragm, and the speaker acoustically balanced thanks to the technology of the Midpoint Mounting. All of this allowed the engineers at Audio-Technica headphones to the maximum to balance and make them universal.


sound Like?

This is a very natural question after such a baggage of the technology used. To fully disclose , we decided to use a new product from Astell&Kern — a portable audio player KANN. Its important that both devices are peers, which means the level fully correspond to each other.

Of Course, in addition to FLAC, with a few to listen to not want anything more. The tracks are pleasantly surprised by the detail and incredible high-end — hard to say what the headphones in the segment fulfill them better. MIDs are balanced and clean. The bass is not overloaded: low frequency sound without any accents, what may disappoint fans of hardcore hip-hop. Headphones are clearly designed for versatility, and it's engineers undoubtedly succeeded.

Despite the fact that Astell&Kern KANN many possibilities to customize the sound equalizer for his "services" to resort didn't have. ATH-SR9 without this sound on the level — this is the case when you can connect headphones to the source and not to bother with the settings.

For example, collected several compositions.

Theory of a Deadman — Say Goodbye. If the appearance of the first album of this band had a hand Than Kruger of Nikelback, with the fifth helped himself Alice Cooper. Yes, some of the composition of the group you can safely send to the festival of country music, but clearly not this — such a bright combination of vocals, bass guitar, jazz and Blues makes shivers up the skin.

Got — Take Me To Church. Passionate about the Church chorales, Blues, jazz and soul Andrew Hozier-Byrne has recorded a sensual song that instantly won the hearts of millions of listeners. This composition allows to clearly understand all the advantages of high frequencies , but we must give credit to the source.

Benjamin Clementine — Cornerstone. why not test this couple with one of the best compositions of the musician who draws inspiration from the best authors of the piano — Chopin, Ravel, and Satie? Benjamin Clementine has long been not singing a Cappella, but his vocals makes you listen over and over again tracks one after the other. And I must admit, here is our today's hero is surprised: piano worked on 5 out of 5, vocals — even better. So their use with classical music is the place to be.



Audio-Technica ATH-SR9 — a very interesting headphone in terms of design and in terms of sound flow. Despite the fact that the model is more universal, it is not devoid of its nature: every time listening to familiar tracks, if you open them from the other side.

It is Worth noting that the best such headphones would feel at home or at a recording Studio, but sometimes they can "walk" paired with a smartphone — no wonder the engineers wanted to create a model for everyday use.


  • Crystal-clear high frequencies
  • the
  • Genre versatility
  • the
  • Comfortable
  • the
  • Quality products


  • Brand instead of MMCX connectors
  • the
  • May be too large to be portable

For music lovers who prefer music of different genres and styles, these headphones will certainly be an excellent option. The price they have, of course, relevant, but Japanese quality, however, has never been cheap. All the details — from the link below.

Buy Audio-Technica ATH-SR9



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