The new portable audio from Fiio — the end of the presentation at CanJam


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The new portable audio from Fiio — the end of the presentation at CanJam

Today, at the famous exhibition of personal audio CanJam, held in London, the company Fiio has introduced a number of innovations. Of course, other companies also demonstrated their products at this exhibition, but the Fiio event was clearly the largest. That they prepared?

Generally, it is worth noting that Fiio good to play in the segment role, similar with Apple, thanks to a balanced lineup and proper marketing, the company is the market leader and probably the most famous brand in personal audio. By the end of 2015, Fiio has reached an incredible speed in the development and demonstration of new products, which tend to stick still. True to its traditions, the Fiio does not change the indices of the models just adding a new number «generation». No exception and novelties of today's presentation.

The Slogan of the presentation was «let's Make America dreams...» sorry, «let's Do a standard balanced output», Fiio continue struggling to promote the connection of headphones with a separate earth, and all 4 of the product presented today contribute to this.

The First and main item on the programme was the flagship player Fiio X7 of the second generation. pleased buyers next nice features: the plug-in amplifiers, the Android OS and several others. The fate of the flagship was not straightforward: problems, caused by the transition from outsourcing to internal development, spoiled the sale, however, the model still became successful. The second generation was intended to sustain this success.

One of the main accents in the new X7 was placed on the design. Success presented earlier this year showed the company what direction they need to move, so new «seven» is similar to «the five» sidebar with navigation buttons and volume control.

The Player was a little less (literally a millimeter in length and thickness) and 10 grams lighter (not that it strongly changed business, but still nice, not harder).

Slots for cards now also done with the trays, as X5-3. Generally, memory in the new flagship a lot. In our age of DSD and other not really useful formats ultra-high resolution, to equip the player two slots for MicroSD, supporting up to 256 GB and 64 GB internal memory — idea. A total of 576 gigabytes please anyone. RAM also became in 2 times more, 2 GB please the fans to run background processes and try to mock OS.

There have been Changes and inside. The role of the DAC is the ESS Sabre 9028Pro (not S version), the digital signal is processed by FPGA, for testowania used three different master oscillator, providing the minimum jitter.

Considered in the Fiio and claims to complete the X7 amplifier AM1, the second generation will be equipped with a modified version AM3A, at first, having a balanced output, and secondly, thanks to a clever design offering a good time work in conjunction with high power (400 mW into 32Ω).

Not forgotten, and different «nice stuff»: optical and coaxial digital outputs, Bluetooth with AptX support, fast charging with a Quick Charge and Pump Express, 5 GHz Wi-Fi mode asynchronous USB DAC, and more.

In the role of OS uses the same Android 5.1 first, due to the use of the same RK3188, and secondly, due to the presence of a fairly successful developments of the company for the previous two players. I think the firmware will be updated for all three models almost simultaneously. The interface was a bit reworked and got enough fresh in the mind of the subject.

By tradition, the player will be issued with all the necessary accessories such as covers and Stak-whales, also it will be compatible with existing amplifiers and docks. Once complete the promised two cover (leatherette and transparent silicone) and a protective glass glued on from the factory.

Will remain the same Price, the suggested retail price X7-2 in USA is $ 650, in other countries it may be more expensive due to taxes and other overhead costs of distributors.

Of Course, one of the flagship of the company will not last, the harsh laws of the market dictate the requirements, so all were looking forward to and update budget Fiio X3. If you remember, it was with the X3 began the history of the players from Fiio, so X3 is one of the «home» models of the company. Introduced in the spring of 2015 very long remained without any updates, that did not prevent him from being one of the leaders of the sales, but today a player got a decent shift.

Of Course, the player received a new, significantly redesigned. Aluminum frame, panel made of tempered glass, the touch wheel, the player instantly began to look as it should look modern devices in 2017. Changed the proportions of the body, the player was longer, but that combined with 125 grams of weight makes it a comfortable handheld device. For connoisseurs of aesthetics has a red colour.

I can Not mention a positive moment with the transition to touch wheel — no more problems with the encoder, contamination, jamming.

The Changes are not spared and the inside of the player (remember about the balanced output?). As DACs are now 2 chip PCM5242, the gain provided by OPA2140 and OPA1622.

It was Not then without some extra features. Bluetooth (apparently without AptX codec), asynchronous USB DAC, multi-functional side switch — this is what will bribe potential owners of the new X3.

Price also remained at the same level, in the U.S., the player will be at the price of $ 200, in other countries, the price tag will probably be higher (especially at the start).

But all this balanced joy would not be complete without suitable headphones. Of course, once released with balanced cable (which could not to imply), but the company decided to stake out a more expensive segment, presenting headphones received index F9.

Aluminum casing with unusual shaped design hidden in the dynamic and dual armature transducers with a special module «mix» sound.

Dynamic emitter with the aperture of PEK (I suspect that this polyetherketone) in combination with a pair of «valves» and wisely thought-out scheme of the physical and acoustic crossover offer fairly good frequency response.

The Headphones also come with a replaceable cable with MMCX connectors, the kit will include regular cable with 3.5 mm plug and the headset and 2.5 mm balanced cable silver-plated copper. In addition, buyers will receive a plastic case and 6 pairs of ear tips, offering two different versions of sound.

But the most amazing in these headphones, perhaps the price will be only $ 100. The model will be available in black and red colors.

Well «buff out» presentation Fiio decided with another budget device. As I and Lightning DAC was Fiio i1 «trial balloon» before the release of a more adult model. It was the second modification budget DAC + amplifier Q1.

Judging by the presentation, in the second modification of this portable harvester was nothing left from the first. Fresh, very stylish design, reminiscent of the solution from Sony, intelligent analog-to-digital volume control, high-quality balanced amplifier with two outputs (3.5 mm regular and a 2.5 mm balanced) — all this makes Q1 one of the most advanced solutions for iOS.

Of Course, the device works not only with iPhone, as the source of the figures will fit and computers, and solutions for Android, but the presence of MFI certification Lightning and the wire in the kit make it clear that Fiio made friends with Apple seriously.

DAC supports signal up to 384 kHz/24 bit and DSD up to 256, inclusive. There are switches for gain and the function of bass boost.

Work Time is declared more than 10 hours of DAC and more than 20 hours in booster mode. Q1 Mk2 he «understands» what and how it is connected, and in accordance with this, switches the inputs.

Oh, and nice icing on the cake is the price for the new Q1-it is only $ 100, which can not but rejoice.

In General, I would not want to sound banal, but some results of the sum necessary, so I will say briefly — all 4 are the models look incredibly interesting, and I look forward to them on the tests.



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