What novelty will represent Elon Musk on Thursday?


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What novelty will represent Elon Musk on Thursday?

The Founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk continues to use his Twitter account to publish intriguing messages. Most recently, he published a date as yet unknown but apparently important event — it will be held February 28, at midnight Moscow time. Internet users trying to guess what will take place at this time: the announcement of a new Tesla, it's a new one from SpaceX, or big news from the Boring or Neuralink? A lot of options, but based on past announcements of the entrepreneur to make some assumptions.

Elon Musk said that the upcoming announcement will apply to Tesla. It is to be expected, as the news from SpaceX recently enough: she recently concluded , and already on March 2 the company intends to conduct the first spacecraft . High-profile announcements from Tesla was not long ago since the announcement of the electric truck and a new generation of car Roadster.

It Is likely that Elon Musk will finally reveal details about electric crossover Tesla Model Y. we Already know that mass production should begin sometime in late 2020, but the exact information about its characteristics and other features yet. In 2018, the entrepreneur said that the announcement of the crossover will take place "at any period from the end of this year to mid next year." Perhaps it was time.

It is Known that the new electric car will be more than a "budget" Tesla Model 3. However, his build will be cheaper, as most parts will be taken over from the relatively inexpensive models.

What do you think the announcement is preparing a Tesla? Or Elon Musk will make another surprise? Your assumptions boldly write in the comments, or join .


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