What Google will show on its huge site CES 2019?


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What Google will show on its huge site CES 2019?

From 8 to 12 January in Los Angeles will host the international exhibition of electronics CES 2019. The event will host representatives from small and large companies — they will demonstrate to the public their latest televisions, refrigerators and other equipment, which may soon be in consumers ' homes. One of the most important guests of the exhibition will be Google, which stands in 2018 was located almost at every step. At this time, the company intends to declare itself louder — it is reported that she rented not only a huge exhibition stand, but also dozens of other small pavilions for mini-announcements and meetings.

At last year's CES 2018, the size of the exhibition area Google made about 550 square meters. Booth area at CES, Google 2019 will be much larger — its size will exceed 1600 square meters. In this huge figure does not take into account the area over 30 small areas in which the company's representatives are planning to give interviews and to organize additional demonstrations of their new products.

What announcements Google expect the public to the upcoming event, is still unknown. The veil of mystery will begin to unfold on January 6, when the company will launch a preview for journalists. According to analyst Mark Mahoney, most of the announcements will be associated with the voice assistant Google Assistant. He claims that the media players Chromecast, Nest thermostats and smartphones Pixel has reached commercial success — at the request of "Hey, Google" awaken more than 50 million devices worldwide.


Google's Announcements at CES, 2019

It is Expected that at the January exhibition people will finally be shown the new version of the laptop Pixelbook. His announcement was to take place in October 2018, but it never came.

Also, Google will probably show the device, created in partnership with third-party companies. Previously, the search giant took part in creating wireless speakers LG WK9 with built-in display — its main functions was based on Google Assistant. High probability that the result of this partnership in 2019 will be another interesting device.

Also Google assistant Assistant can become an integral part of the new TVs . From the South Korean company already has an assistant Bixby, but at the moment it is hardly useful in home appliances, due to impossibility of interaction with third-party applications.

What devices would you like to see at CES 2019? Share your expectations and discuss the show in the comments or in , where we always welcome new members!


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