Found a part of the brain that makes people laugh and feel euphoric


2019-02-06 10:15:09




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A Surgical operation on the brain is an extremely complex process, during which patients sometimes it's important to keep in mind. It is necessary that the surgeon at any time to speak with the person and make sure that its linguistic, sensory and emotional functions. Of course, this is a very disturbing and unpleasant time, the patient may panic, so scientists are constantly looking for the most secure method of reassurance. Recently it became clear that to calm the panic patients can stimulate a particular area of the brain responsible for laughter and euphoria.

The Discovery was made at the time of diagnosis of seizures in one patient with epilepsy. When her brain was implanted electrodes, doctors noticed that when exposed to the area of the brain called the Cingulum, the patient started to laugh and said that he had "a pleasant, relaxed feeling." This area of the brain surrounds the average brain from the frontal to the temporal lobe and was previously suspected of involvement in the development of depression.

A Relaxing feature of this part of the brain we decided to use during brain surgery one of patients. Doctors was important to stay awake and not panic. Unfortunately, after waking up from General anesthesia she started to really worry, but after stimulation of the Cingulum Department immediately calmed down and even started to tell funny stories about your family.

The same approach was applied to two other patients. The effect was the same — they immediately felt calm and not interfere with the operation. In the process one of them agreed to take the test on memory and mostly showed good results. However, the researchers noticed that sometimes he had problems with pronunciation of words — perhaps this is one of the side effects of stimulation.

To ensure the safety of equipment, scientists need to conduct more research. If all goes well, it can be actively used in operations on the brain. It is also believed that stimulating the brain can help in the treatment of depression and pain.

What do you think, in what other order can be used is the opening? Your bold assumption, write in the comments and we can discuss many other news science and technology!


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