If you don't play sports, your heart will become like a monkey


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If you don't play sports, your heart will become like a monkey

Monkey though not tougher, but more people

Millions of years ago our ancestors were able to travel thousands of kilometres . Due to this, we all now have a pretty good endurance in comparison with monkeys — at least we can go to the store and grab a couple of heavy packages to the Elevator. But the fact is that monkeys have a round heart with thick walls, which could not provide enough good circulation to deliver oxygen to all the organs. At the same time, our elongated heart has a more complex structure and provides us with everything we need to increase our stamina. However, in the absence of physical exertion all the stamina you can lose, and our heart will become like a monkey.

This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by an international team of scientists with the participation cardiovascular physiologist Robert Sheva. They decided to reveal the difference between the hearts of gorillas, chimpanzees and four categories of people, among whom were the runners in the far distance, players in American football, farmers and simple people with a sedentary lifestyle.

heart Shape of human and gorilla

If you have seen monkeys in the zoo or documentary films, you might notice that they move a little. At the same time they are capable of sudden and strong movement — you know how smart chimps can jump on the tree, and the gorilla to hit your enemy? Such sharp bursts of activity have on the cardiovascular system of monkeys high load, therefore their hearts are round and thick walls.

there is No doubt that gorillas are much stronger than men

At the same time, the human heart is greatly elongated and with each stroke slightly twisted — as you can see, the differences from apes we have plenty. The elongated shape of our hearts is due to an enlarged left ventricle, which enhanced the power of the pumps in our body the oxygen-rich blood. Tightening with each beat, by the way, also promotes intensive blood flow and all this for the sake of our endurance.

do you have an active lifestyle? Write in the comments or in

Why play sports?

However, comparing the shape of a monkey hearts with human, the scientists made an interesting conclusion. As you remember, in addition to the hearts of runners, they studied the shape of hearts of sedentary people. So, the hearts of the people, often lying on the sofa, was almost the same round and with thick walls like monkeys. The researchers concluded that in the absence of , the human heart begins to lose its natural inherent evolution a form that is similar to a monkey.

But really — why lying on the couch need elongated heart?

Yes, exercise is important for heart, but if you want to keep it "human" form, don't do American football. As a rule, football players with particular zeal to train explosive power which is developed in primates. It is this ability of an organism to exert the greatest effort in the shortest time and gives the heart a round shape like a monkey. Therefore, the fact that in primates, sedentary people and players in American football is almost the same heart shape, is not surprising.

the power to Compete with the gorillas could perhaps that the players in American football.

Just wait to run sports. Since you are here, be sure to check out our recent stuff on why lived millions of years ago to women than modern. In this study, researchers also compared the anatomy of primates and people, and made a very interesting discovery.


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