The results of the Google I/O 2018: Android P Google Lens and more


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The results of the Google I/O 2018: Android P Google Lens and more

Was the biggest presentation of Google in 2018. She was dedicated to the opening of the conference for developers , which will last until may 10. Traditionally, the first day of the conference, on stage the leaders of the company and talk about new products. This year Google did not change traditions. Will tell you about all the new products that soon it will be possible to try.

The presentation Began with a hilarious joke to the General Director of Google Sundar Pichai. He gladly told about what his company redrew the Emoji that had previously been drawn incorrectly. Such a beginning raised the mood. Now the cheese Burger will be on the right place, and not quite a full mug of beer filled to the brim.


Artificial intelligence and Gmail

Sundar Pichai talked about how important it is in our days an artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence from Google learned how to finish your messages in Gmail. This feature called Smart Compose. In Google Photos, the AI will offer you different actions. For example, if you are viewing photos of their friends, the app will prompt you to share with your friends these photos.

Google Photos

As already mentioned, the artificial intelligence in the app to store photos will get new opportunities. And the Google Photos can one tap to turn your photo document in PDF file. In addition, there will be available a variety of tools for editing documents. All the new features Google Photos will become available in the next couple of months.


Google Assistant

The Voice assistant of Google will receive a new, more natural voice. Assistant will be released on more than 5000 new devices, and most importantly, get the support of 30 languages in 80 countries. Google users in Russia is still waiting for Russian language support.

By the Way, no longer have to constantly say «OK, Google». Suffice it to say this phrase once at the beginning of the conversation with the assistant. Next it will be possible to do without it. And in July we will be able to enjoy the Google Assistant on smart displays from third party manufacturers. In addition, this summer Assistant will get a new visual component for iOS and Android, and will also appear in Google Maps.


Google News

This product is for readers and publishers, too, have received the power of artificial intelligence. For a user using machine learning will be the most up to date selection of interesting news. Google News will be released in 157 countries for iOS and Android. Next week they will be able to enjoy all comers.


P Android

Now it's time to talk about the long-awaited announcement. This topic is also not without mention of artificial intelligence. It is designed to make smartphone use more comfortable and efficient. For example, machine learning will monitor which apps you use in order to disable the unnecessary applications to save energy. This function has been called Adaptive Battery.

In fact, Android P will monitor everything you do and everything that happens around. The operating system will offer a comfortable level of brightness of the screen and functions that can be useful right now. To third-party application developers are not left out, Google has introduced the MLKit. Benefit users will also be able to closely monitor their actions through a menu that shows the application activity.

Changed menu multitasking. Now it's more like what Apple did in the iPhone X. the Emphasis is on gestures.

And now for the really useful: if you look at the phone and turn it, the image also will turn over, but will appear on the screen button, clicking on which you will be able to cancel the screen rotation. Mode «do Not disturb» will no longer receive a pop-up on screen notifications, and a smartphone with Android P will prepare you to sleep, turning the screen to black-and-white mode.

A Beta version of the Android P will be available for owners of Essential Phone, Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Google, Google Pixel Google Pixel XL, Nokia 7 plus, OPPO R15 Pro Sony Xperia XZ2, X21UD Vivo, Vivo X21, Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix.


Google Lens

Finally, was an interesting feature that will be available in Google Maps. With this camera feature, we will be able to learn more about the world around us. Google Lens will show information about the items that will be able to see, you will be able to copy in your smartphone the text from the book, and it will all be available in a few weeks.

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