Slang dictionary miners and holders of cryptocurrencies


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Slang dictionary miners and holders of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has done a lot of noise in order not to affect the attention of those who absolutely nothing to do with it. Learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies, you can , and in this article we will try accessible language to explain the slang expressions that use miners and holders . The dictionary was compiled by our colleagues from Business Insider, because sometimes it may seem that the miners speak a totally different language.

HODL (hodl) is a word derived from the English word «hold» (to keep). In 2013, member of the official bitcoin community printed it with an error. He wanted to say that it keeps its currency and sells it in spite of fluctuations. Other members of the community have deciphered the inscription as «hold on for dear life» (to hold on for dear life). The expression makes clear that, despite the fall in the exchange rate, holders of the cryptocurrency do not sell them. Sometimes this expression has completely the opposite meaning, but is used as a fake signal.

To the moon (to the moon) – this expression is used to refer to peak prices for cryptocurrencies. When a coin «lunasa», which means that its price has peaked and will continue to fall. This is the right time to sell.

When Lambo (when Lambo) – this expression stands for «when you buy a Lamborghini?». His appearance is due to the fact that it often holders of cryptocurrency are getting richer very quickly. By asking this question, you ask, did he really make good money on the cryptocurrency.

Hyperviscosity – this word describes an ideal future for the holder of the cryptocurrency in which other currencies depreciate and are replaced by the woman he keeps. The perfect ending, but not for all.

OCD (Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder) is a syndrome peculiar to the holders of the cryptocurrency. It occurs when the days and nights watching the rise and fall of currencies that you hold.

the FUD (Facts U Dislike) – this term describes important topics for cryptocurrency holders. Touching upon these topics may lead to contention in the conversation. This term is used not only in the cryptocurrency world.

Nocoiner is a term describing a person who is not the holder of the cryptocurrency. It is most often used to those who don't just don't have any coins, but actively mocks the holders and miners, condemning all that is any way associated with cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin (altcon) – this term describes any other cryptocurrency except for bitcoin. It stands for «alternative coin».

Rekt – this expression comes from the English word «wrecked» (failed). It is used for traders who made the wrong decision. For example, have sold the currency before its growth.

DYOR stands for «Do your own research» or «think with your head». This expression encourages to make their own decisions, not relying on someone's opinion.

kit – a major player in the cryptocurrency market, which holds an impressive number of coins. His actions in foreign exchange can have a significant impact on its cost.

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