Australian brewery brewed beer for astronauts


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Australian brewery brewed beer for astronauts

Since then, as we went to the stars and become a space civilization and continue to move in this direction, people looked at the sky and thought: fine, but how can we bring beer? Now we seem to have an answer. Australian brewery 4 Pines Brewing has teamed up with engineers from Saber Astronautics Australia and developed a stout called Vostok Space Beer. As the bottle and the beer itself was developed for use in space.

The idea of the design of the beer bottle to microgravity was to make the experience of the use of the maximum familiar. Instead of trying to squeeze a beer out of the package, the astronauts will be able to drink it straight from the bottle due to surface tension, it will hold the beer sticking to the glass and the wick, which will pull the beer from the bottom of the bottle directly into the mouth.

The beer Itself will be elaborazioni so as not to cause unrest on the space station, but enough carbonated to drink beer to know.

However about the effects of drinking beer in space is to talk. We don't know how the astronauts will carry the hops and how the digestive system will cope with the withdrawal of alcohol. "Drunken sailors" in space can be dangerous. In addition, given the cost of launching cargo into space, space beer is absurdly expensive. However, this expense is already taken care of: scientists from Russia and Anheuser-Busch are experimenting to see if hops and barley growing in space.

Currently, NASA astronauts are forbidden to drink alcohol, although in the 1970s the plans for sending sherry along with the food of the astronauts. From the Russian side constraints have less astronauts and even recommended from time to time to drink cognac. Well, for health.

4 Pines looks to the future: once on the planet there will be many companies in space tourism. Of course, people will want to enjoy a cold beer in orbit. You need to be prepared.

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