China is developing a reusable military spaceplane


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China is developing a reusable military spaceplane

China is developing a reusable spacecraft designed to perform all sorts of tasks, including of a military character attacks, foreign spacecraft, space stations, and even intercept ballistic missiles. In addition, a reusable spaceplane could be used to deliver people and cargo into orbit. While its launch and landing can be done from any conventional airport, according to local Chinese news channel CCTV.

"unlike the missiles, requiring the complicated procedure of processing, the spaceplane is able to produce a real revolution in the field of space transportation," — said Zhang Junwen, President of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), responsible for the development.

Despite the fact that the project is in the early stages, experts point out that the spaceplane can be used as the vehicle to deliver into orbit space tourists, satellites, supply of orbital stations, as well as ensuring rescue operations.

"It also can be used as a military spacecraft, equipped with devices of detection and attacks against foreign spacecraft, satellites and space stations," — said the local edition of Global Times, a military expert and commentator Sleep Changping.

Also added the Sleep, the device can be used to intercept ballistic missiles and pinpoint strikes on ground targets.

In the report, CCTV reporters were told that the complex will consist of two parts: the "mother" of the carrier aircraft and the spaceplane. The media will be unmanned and used to disperse the spaceplane, after which he will secede and use their power. After the mission the spaceplane will return to Earth and land like a regular plane.

Some third-party experts point out that China at the moment, no need to create such a complex technology. First of all we are talking about engines for a spaceplane and aircraft carrier. Obviously, none of the existing China at the moment engines does not meet the requirements of the project.

However, one military expert, who asked to remain anonymous, told the publication Global Times that the basis of the power plant of the aircraft carrier will be based on the technology of the hybrid jet engine using liquid hydrogen fuel. In such an engine the oxygen taken from the atmosphere will become liquid and steamed with liquid hydrogen to fuel the power plant. In theory such a system will allow to develop a speed of up to 22 times the speed of sound, providing sufficient acceleration to the withdrawal of the spacecraft into space. Equipped with this engine aircraft-carrier, the source said, will be very difficult to intercept the current of air defense systems.

The Project of developing this system is called the "Tengyun", and the first time it became known about it in 2016. At that time the Vice-President of the Corporation CASIC Liu Shinzan said that the system will be ready to fly by 2030.

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